Video Analysis: Sunsilk Ad

1. The library is set at UIA Gombak

2. 0.07 - Heroine holds a gray pen with her right hand as she opens a book. 0.08 - A blue pen magically replace the gray pen.

3. The hero and heroine were studying and browsing for books at the Architecture and Education department which begs the question: why is there pictures of lime in the book the heroine is reading? What has lime has anything to do with architecture or education?

4. Pause at 0.24. Notice how the hero's friend is staring at the hero's face as if he's secretly in love with him. I smell a scandal.

5. The tables for men and women in the library is actually segregated. There is a gap of over 10 meters between the brother's reading area and the sister's. With normal eyesight, the hero and heroine couldn't have looked at each other affectionately.

6. Outside the library, the heroine is seen with two malay friends. One of her friends did not wear a tudung. All muslims students in UIA have to wear hijjab as regulated by the university. Even non-muslim women have to wear a scarf to cover their hair.


Qarl said...

details nyerr afiq~

smpai 0.24 tu pun u kate cm something kan??


it just an ad kan

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ya betul tu, even external examiners like me pun dikehendaki don a hijab for tomorrow's 2nd year crit.

last year, i wasnt told about it (donning at least a head-scarf). i felt like wearing bikini around the campus.

Helmi Razali said...

sorry, but i have to contest some of your points. You see, only point number two is concretely valid. Whereas, the points that follow afterward are all based on the assumption #1.

1. You can tell, but most of the audience can't. (well, i can't tell that it was UIA). Because no mention of UIA what so ever was made throughout the commercial. So it's safe for me to say that we can also assume that it was not UIA.

2. Couldn't agree more. :)

3. We can't tell that it's the architecture department. Unless i missed the signboard or something in the ads, that is.

4. I can smell it too. ha ha, but hey, come on. It's only a mere 2 seconds.

5. This fact is not shown in the ads.

6. Ibid.

p.s. i heard that there are drag queen miss universe thing going on in UIA. is this somewhat true? I hope that this is just a baseless gossip.

p.p.s. No offense ok, That's just how i feel when i read your arguments. Not that they're entirely invalid though. Cheers.

Farie Amrah said...

peka nyer..
tp, yup!!
sumer girl student kna pkai hijjab ble ader dlm kwsn uia..
camner leh sesat sowg tuh?

. said...

yes. yes.
mr. afiq dgn ke-peka-an nya.

uncle shaq said...

haha .. the unreal adds of the world . nice 1 ..

Afiq Deen said...

No no you cannot Helmi. Because i have insider's info and the average audience dont. This make me more credible in delivering an analysis. Everyone else who can only watch the video without knowing the reality of the situation and background can only write reviews.

Yes, there are dozens of drag queens in uia. It's a just university, not a holy site.

-one- said...

hahaha... the pen!..hehe.. the client is global FMCG company Uniliver (M) plak tu. and the Ad agency is McCann Erickson.. it was done at UIA in 05. the girl is now married...hee

Afiq Deen said...


no one cares

-one- said...

i care.

myadlan said...

what an old ad review. btw people that has no relation with UIA wont understand your review like helmi does.. hehe

there's just too many issue with the ad. btw i wonder how much the library makes with this advertisement?

Afiq Deen said...

i think uia la dpt the money.

haha.. i know. Only we know lah kan but its fun to make stupid analysis of an ad like to show off to our friends.

"Tu library uia tu..."


No cares except you One.


YayaEdna said...

blog best..peka nye.