The Hypocrisy of Me

I'm an infoholic who has to read, watch and listen to information when I'm awake to keep myself sane. I carry a book anywhere I go, a practice enforced by my mom when I was smaller. But when I'm around other people who don't know me well, I will reserve all my thoughts and ideas to myself and if anyone ask me anything that could possibly expose my nerdiness, I'll answer Tak tau or entah. I do this a lot to my mom. She used to be so annoyed when I answer her series of questions with Tak tau. The hypocrisy of me.
I watch what I eat and make sure the food I eat is fat-free, healthy and perfectly proportional. I eat small portion of food five times a day and make sure the food I eat has no msg, trans-fat or excessive carbohydrate. But when I eat in front of other people, I'll eat like there's no tomorrow. In company of many, I'll easily down a dozen servings of food. The hypocrisy of me.
I talk about fitness like it's a religion. I'm a self-made expert when it comes to subjects associated with general health and well-being. I know almost everything there is to know how to build mass, get toned or lose weight. I'll preach the importance of health to almost everyone I know even though I never, never take my own medicine. I work out once in a blue moon, hardly ever do any cardio exercises and sleep anytime I feel like it. The hypocrisy of me.
We are all hypocrits when it comes to certain things. We may feel that our hypocrisy is necessary to maintain a certain image we want to perpetuate to others.
Some people even make it a point to lie about themselves to themselves. I know a person who thinks religion governs her life even when her lifestyle suggests otherwise. The weird thing about it is she convinced herself that she's the sort of person she draw herself to be.
People like me are hypocrits when it comes to implying a certain quality about myself. I want you to believe that I'm cynical, angry, prejudiced and careless when I'm actually optimistic, angry, open-minded and careless.
The hypocrisy of me.


Moja Amin said...

Many of us believe that wrongs aren't wrong if it's done by nice people like ourselves. (unknown)

A very nice topic to talk about, eyh?

Mr NAEmnzr said...

we r lying to ourselves,
most of the time actually,
and rarely be truth to others or even ourselves.
and it goes round and round,
until we close our eyes
and stop breathing!

alone said...

hypocrisy makes a person lies. indeed.

mgiL said...

the irony of it is that you're not. heck man, dont feel so bad. welcome to the club.

Afiq Deen said...

i figure writing about my hypocrisy will make me feel less of a hypocrit.

When all else fails, tell the truth!


Funny that doctors take the hippocratic oath!! patutlah kaya... hehe