Aiyo! Don't Worrylah!

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Everyone is so anxious to know when I'll be graduating. Even my father thought this is my last semester. I know for a fact that he is worried sick that I extended my uni study time. To be clear, I have one more semester left. 3 subjects or 4.5 credit hours to finish before I can spend four decades of my life working. Can't you guys just wait for just 3 more months?

I was crucified enough by my lecturers and friends because I extended my studies even though I didn't fail any studio or normal subjects. I didn't feel compelled to explain to them why I did what I did because it was really none of their business.

But because I didn't tell anyone why I extended my studies, people are beginning to assume that I'm some sort of a loser. A loser who keeps failing and can't get his act right.

So listen up people, I won't repeat this twice.

I extended my studies because I got myself involved with competitions and programmes that I can benefit for me to be able to be in the advertizing world. I extended my studies because if I finish it like a normal architecture student, I will have to work as an architect. What I'm basically saying is...

I dowan to be an Architect okayyyyy!? And I don't have the priviledge (money) to change my course oraitttt!?

First I worked as a book cover designer and design/produce miscellanous paper products like name cards, raya cards and hand made cards.

Then I started experimenting with videos and entered several competitions. I won 5 competitions in the past year.

A few months back I got busy writing a fantasy novel and an e-book.


Because there are several categories in advertizing like copywriting, advertisment designing and video advertisment. I was just covering all the basic elements of advertizing in a year and a half.

I basically covered all the requirement of a typical adverizing course outline while studying architectural subjects that I divided evently to make sure I have enough free time to have practical experience in advertizing.

Next semester which will be my last, I will be working in an advertizing company as an intern. This is like my version of a 'practical'.

And after next semester, I will have the experience of graduated advertizing student who have done practical work. This comes with a bonus too, I actually had working experience because what I did in my university are used by real people in real situations. And plus, I entered and won several competitions too.

So there. Don't ask me again with your sceptical eyes and pouting judgemental lips while thinking to yourself "I'm so much better off than him..." because...

I'm a man...

with a plan.


Moja Amin said...

Same here, maannn!

Well, I'm not extending my course, but I make my life busy with entrepreneurship (SIFE).


that's my current slogan, i guess! Hahaha. Man with plan! Don't worry!

Man jadda wajada!
(arab sketttt)

good luck, buddy!

Lisa Farhana said...

a man with a plan.

like that one. haha :)

Lisa Farhana said...

a man with a plan.

like that one. haha :)

farah haris said...

intelligent. haha

i keep on changing my plan. *sigh*

samantha said...

dear r u sure advertising?... why did u take archie in 1st place. i knw couple of ppl in the glam ad world, they pretty cool type that work hard, dress/look good and lead a fast paced life. very uber cool... great now i feel like i wanna join also..hehe. i think you need to knw about branding, designs communication, marketing alot more...maybe consider taking an ad course after archie?...whats the company ur going for intern at?

take care.. ur blog is alright.

RazFiRa said...

good 4 u

and gud luck

Qarl said...

a man with a plan..

only 'a'


ok la.. not too ambitiouskan

if a man with thousand plans?? haha

Afiq Deen said...

im very sure samantha. Im not attracted to it because of its 'uber cool lifestyle' but i'll have the opportunity to do what I do best: to make people buy things.

Puteri said...

Afiq, reading this suddenly reminds me of our conversation (the earlier part) at the station.

I forgot to tell you but it's nice how we can talk for over an hour at awkward places and feel so comfortable doing so anyway.

I like it that you're still around campus personally. I'll miss you like crazy once you grad ='(

Same goes to Lubie.


. said...

rjin gila kn ko tgkp gmbr meRAPU2. jeles i.

tia said...

i want to extend my study too but!
i dun have a back up
i need to forget bout it.
i need to work extra harder than ever..
to get the best pointer..
and get the DL or VCL..
day dreaming ~sigh..
jiayo for your plan and future plan..
go go go..

ps: i want to watch ur next short film!

KakaXY said...

do what u wanna do
be what u wanna be

emma songall said...

u r such a great people with a great plan.
i wish i could be as good as you.

lubnaaa said...

Now THIS is what I call taking the road less travelled by.

You go, Afiq. I'm glad SOMEONE'S got the guts to do something out of the ordinary.

Puteri - La tahzan, sweetie! I can still drop by and see you. :)

Which reminds me..I need a photo with my Table For 4 buddies. And SOON.

Adam M.A said...



kat poster ada da..


019 389 3804

see u there bebeh!

adiyes said...

Follow your dreams man...just follow
All the best to you.

Afiq Deen said...

Aha... we should make Table4Four an annual thing lah. It'll be really fun!

dD Fabulous | sitekateki said...

smart la design2 ko...

Nanie MK said...

nice.. welcome to the advertising world.

though i must say at first i thought im passionate about advertising but in the end (now im in my final year as an advertising student) i realised that im more into copywriting/writing than designing.

ellen said...

hi afiq,

nice work!
I like the song too..
what the song's title?