Stacy: Eh Kim Lee, kamek suda fed up la dengan photographer kitak neh!

Kim Lee: Lu ingat lu solang ka fed up? Gusi gua sudah kebas ooo..

Roziah: Itulah pasal. Gigi aku dah sejuk ditiup dek angin. Cepatlah abang Pohji!

Letchmi: Manegam sammyvelly babas alagapas! Kuchi kuchi vannakam...

You and I know that this display of muhibbah is really a put-on. In the light of everything that's going on involving racial hatred in Malaysia, it's important to remind ourselves that we are strongest when we are united.

Yes yes, the Sultan may be out of line when he appointed the new MB over the old one because he has no constitutional right to do so.

Let's forget about the wheelchair-bound sikh and the new mamak MB. Let's focus on unity. Let's focus on Muhibbah. And what better way to realize this than to watch a clip of an indian girl fighting a malay girl over a chinese boyfriend. Oh yes, there's also an indonesian pak guard and a tudung clad girl (who is probably the malay girl's friend)

Ini baru orang panggil Muhibbah.


emma songall said...

weh, gila btul minah dua org nie.

Moja Amin said...


I believe that the racial integration here, in Malaysia, is gradually diminish. I would blame them (some) politicians for this, but we still can play our part tho.

So, Muhibbah is not another cock-and-bull story.


rehan who said...

malu la.

Qarl said...


dat video..

dh lama lah


dian said...

hahah damn !

Afiq Deen said...

yeah haiqal, I'm reminding ourselves about the importance of muhibbah.

Afiq Deen said...

haah. Lama dah. Sekarang dah takde kot scene cenggini. Muhibbah dah hampir pupus!

FarA said...

lol kuar jwak bahasa sarawak sia =p

lol kuar jgak bhs sarawak situ =p

Danny said...

I take this vclip as an isolated case

It is not fair, just because of this 2 idiots from 2 different races had a catfight in public place -> we jump into conclusion our ‘muhibbah’ spirit is at stake

I went to this life band place in front of E&O Penang last week, I still could see all races mixed around very well. Tak ader pulak gaduh between races pun.

Di kedai Kayu, Pelita, Kassim Mustaffa etc all of us the Malay, Chinese and Indian, Sarawakian and Sabahan can eat together and enjoy watching soccer games on the big screen together without having to catfight among each other.

Come on guyz, I hope we don’t mix the current political scenario (because of some less brainers politicians want to gain/re-gain power) in the country with daily our normal life

If some leaders in this country can’t set a good example of ‘muhibbah’ spirit, let’s us teach them how then … ":)

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