The Tame Bird was in a Cage

I prayed hard last night and woke up with no answers. I opened the window to let in stinging rays of sunlight when I heard a weird chirping sounds. It wasn't regular chirping that I heard but an over excited squeals of delight. I looked around and I saw a black bird with one crippled wing. It can't fly so it hopped on branches of a shady tree where its nest is. And around the crippled bird are half a dozen fully capable birds that came to the crippled bird's tree to sing along.

Imagine a Vienna boys choir group singing Vengaboys' "Shalalalala, shalala in the morning~"

Birds are men without sorrows and men are birds without wings. There is a fine line between freedom and constrain and the best of men will find that neither would ever define themselves. There is so much to know about life, so much to do with it and so little time to do it.
The Tame Bird was in a Cage
The tame bird was in a cage, the free bird was in the forest.
They met when the time came, it was a decree of fate.
The free bird cries, "O my love, let us fly to the wood."
The cage bird whispers, "Come hither, let us both live in the cage."
Says the free bird, "Among bars, where is there room to spread one's wings?"
"Alas," cries the caged bird, "I should not know where to sit perched in the sky."
The free bird cries, "My darling, sing the songs of the woodlands."
The cage bird sings, "Sit by my side, I'll teach you the speech of the learned."
The forest bird cries, "No, ah no! songs can never be taught."
The cage bird says, "Alas for me, I know not the songs of the woodlands."
There love is intense with longing, but they never can fly wing to wing.
Through the bars of the cage they look, and vain is their wish to know each other.
They flutter their wings in yearning, and sing, "Come closer, my love!"
The free bird cries, "It cannot be, I fear the closed doors of the cage."
The cage bird whispers, "Alas, my wings are powerless and dead."
- R. Tagore



The fall of Icarus.

Free fall.

Embraced by the arms of Mother Earth.



The Flight of Icarus

~anjela~ said...

hi there!...
i like your blog!!..
you know..
i am about to perform this poetry
by Dec. 16 and i'm still searching some infos how to make my presentation more appealing to the audiences.

keep on blogging!.. :))

just want to add..
i had finished reading "to kill a mocking bird" by harper lee.

truly, it's a nice story...
freakingly Boo Radley! :))