Afiqsays 10 Most Beautiful People

Adriana Lima
Jared Leto.
Oluchi Onweagba
Mitch Hewer
Regina Spector
Mario Maurer
Joe Jonas
Jennifer Connelly
Nicholas Hoult
Karolina Kurkova


Moja Amin said...


shamel said...

Erk..WHat is wrong with this fella! Think positive Mr Amous.

I always think that Afiq's trying to educate people around to have a self-confidence. Not malu2 to reveal our beautiful name parents had given to us. Positif sungguh..

Eh..why am I not included in top 10 list? Ok might be bottom..

mlle said...

Adriana Lima was discovered by model agency when she was 12 or 13 years old. Definitely one of the hottest and most beautiful models!

Afiq Deen said...

I know right... n she's still a friekin virgin!

Not all the top10 list of beautiful people are considered even beautiful by many (except the 4 victoria's secret models1)

kang aku letak kang gambar ko malu plak nanti..

hanyhany said...

joe jonas?

leeashroe said...

seriously. she's still a virgin?

tipu ke ni?


Afiq Deen said...

no, serious. but she claimed to be lah.. u'll never know.

why not joe jonas? he's relatively short, has bushy eyebrows and can't even sing but he can command the attention of millions. that itself is beautiful.

saya said...

she still a virgin?!! OMG.. cant believe it?!!

mlle said...

wah, the discussion of her virginity status caused quite a stir here, huhu. well, for those who believe she's still a virgin (including me, haha) is because she's a devoted catholic and used to think of become a nun (imagine a HOT nun) and read bibles before performing on stage. So now do you believe her claim? Well, it's up to personal opinions anyway. Like Britney Spears who USED TO claimed she's a virgin and later bongkarkan she's not by revealing her first made out with justin.
I like Adriana and I believe she's not another Britney (we'll see) >_<

Moon said...

regina rawks!

tia said...

well it's up to the owner of the body itself.
only she knew either she dah buat or not.


ADRINA LIMA is my nightmare..
gila punya nightmare..
my bf luv her..
gila punya orang.
adriana lima and ambrossio always jadi ktorang nyer punca gaduh.

but i do like her too..
hot and beautiful girl.
who me to compete with em?

sedar diri.
wu.. :((