The Mystery of Time Travelling

Like most of you guys, I grew up hoping that the future me would invent a Doraemon robot to help me out with my homework. And for a time, I always imagined that my study table drawer is a time travelling gateway. Unlike the movie Back to the Future, Fujiko F. Fujio had a more sensible theory of time travel: it works as a loop. The event where time travelling takes place will simply repeat itself infinitely and people only realize this because the intervention of the loop can be seen or understood.
My theory of time travel differs because if I hypothetically travel back in time, I will not see myself in the past, I would just rewind the physical events that had taken place, leaving my mind perceptible of both the future and the past and would therefore affect a ripple of change with my choice of decisions in the future like the butterfly effect.
We live in a continuous loop with no definite end. Even when we die, we will still be in existence. Religions pointed this out in various details: reincarnation, karma, heaven and hell, etc. but what comes around goes around and this continuous loop is what made our actions trigger equal reactions. And you know what? We can all experience the existence of this loop when we get Deja Vus.
If time travelling is possible, in my opinion, we could do so only by activating a deeper level of consciousness. I haven't seen or experience such a thing yet, and even if I had, proofs of such undertakings would be perceived as forecasting and not time travelling. I think mediums who could communicate with people of the future or the past have the ability to bend their sense of time and relativity with their minds.
I'm applying this theory for Rewind, a short film about a guy who could control his deeper level of consciousness and rewind time with a typical dvd option paved on anywhere he wants it to be. It'll be super cool. Einstein-Hawking-Ringo Starr cool! Ice cube cool!


as easy as ABC said...

hai afiq..can't wait to watch ur next short film, REWIND.eager to see more ur masterpiece product like u did 4PA..\(^.~)/

mlle said...

this is a uber cool theory of Afiq. I'd like to see how u visualized ur thoughts^^ want to see how u turn ur words into scenes... would you do something like the final episode of RAVE the manga? I heart time magic and theory^^

Afiq Deen said...

You do? Yeay! This short is going to be action-packed, funny and comical one but with a hint of application of my time travel theory. It's also going to really short: 10 minutes only..