4 Peringkat Ajal Didn't Make It To the Top 10

I was devastated when I checked the results yesterday. My film 4 Perangkat Ajal didn't make it to the top 10 spot in Astro Kirana's Short Film Competition. Dang! It was worth a shot anyways.

Now I feel like my internal organs are stooping lower than its usual position. I'm saddened but not sad, angered but not angry.

Check out the finalists' films here.

All of them were pretty damn good. They truly deserved being in the top 10. What's that you say? You think I'm pretending to be nonchalant about all this? You think I'm putting up a happy face to hide my dissapointment?

I can't say I'm not dissapointed because I know for a fact that I am. It's a kind of dissapointment that didn't bother me though. I know, weird. My head is not syncing to the pace of my heart. My head is too pre-occupied with:

1. Me Myself and Madba
2. VitaminBC
3. Play Rewind

I thought this would be my big break but I guess I've to do the 'breaking' myself. I mean, look up any academy award directors and you will find out that none of them won any awards when they first started filmmaking. (yes, this trivial fact comforts me)

What's for certain is I want to make good and entertaining films so bad that losing this doesn't really make a difference.

But it would've been a blast I had won....



Puteri said...

Hey now, afiq.. :D

remember how you told me steven spielberg's 1st was just another high school teen movie? that there was no recognition for it?

...but look where he got to now. because he never stopped or let it get to him, he kept experimenting.

knowing you personally, you have what it takes. chill.

it's only your 1st short film =)

and im happy to have been a part of it, nevermind the circumstances.

*comfort hug*

we'll always love ya, afiq deen!!

Aman Wan said...

neway,even aku xde kaitan dgn production shortfilm ni, tp aku jugak ada berharap korg boleh jadi finalist, or even first place~!

hmm,neway, juz jgn stop buat video ar.. better teruskan so ko boleh improve n bertanding semula akan dtg.. neway, kejayaan xkan dtg dgn mudah~

juz kita la kena kuat semangat dan teruskan minat kita, insyaallah la, kejayaan da prepare tempat utk ko. haha,lagipun, even ko x menang dlm competition ni, aku rasa ko da memenangi hati ramai penonton2 shortfilm ko.

itu sendiri benda yg positif utk ko teruskan berkarya~ yeah,cant wait 4 ur next video..

-sori kalau ayat kelam kabut.. haha,anggap aku salah sorg fan vid ko yer- gud luck bro~

Helmi Razali said...

They definitely deserved to be on the top 10 more than you do.

how's that for a start.
Well, I'm not gonna sugarcoat or put all the bullshits to please you. I barely know you anyway. But it's good to know that u admit your defeat. Trust me on this one, that was just a beginning of your future endeavors in movie making (or what ever you're doing). As long as you don't stop trying, and refine your skill. I can assure you that you'll get there someday.

So go and make everyone proud.

mlle said...

No worries. There're lots more competitions out there to let you shine :)

BTW i think u can squeeze that Finalist 06 out lah. It's a good story but i don't like the way it is presented, the scene of the actress with her boyfriend by the seaside is quite rubbish. May be I hate emo, i don't know, I may be bias.
I detect flaws and fallacies in every finalist's short film (like Mon's fake spec is too obviously fake as she was portrayed as deep-near-sighted lady and the light casted shadow directly on her face that shows there were no thick glasses on her spec (the cast can get cheap thick spec at RM20 what); Yusof finally found his mum alive at home but not died on the road is contrasting to his act of staying at the bus stop after school somewhat hinting he's waiting for mum to pick him up---and how many malay women/aunties will ride on a bycycle to buy a Gundam Model toy?, etc etc, just to name a few.

This is not comforting you but seriously i hardly sense any fallacies in ur film. In my opinion you can actually made into Top 10.... if not because of *possible* judges' bias/preference, letting most of the ASWARA films passed! (Tak acih lah, the producers and directors are cross-assisting in all ASWARA films)

Moja Amin said...

Most of them movies are darn good. I bet the jury had a tough time to decide which is which to be shortlisted! including yours!

Still, you should be proud of yourself for giving a good shot for this. I would like to see your next film sometime in the near future!!

give up, not!

Afiq Deen said...

thanks puteri. im just a bit down, that's all. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow though.

Yeah well, it's true that you don't know me Helmi. I didnt admit defeat because I wasnt defeated. That's the thing about film competitions, you may lose or win but the product is still viable for entertainment (or profit). I just didnt get as much as exposure like the ten filmmakers.

I wont get there someday. Im there today. I'm just not there yet to a lot of people. There is no destination, just the journey.

Afiq Deen said...

i get what you mean ming, as a loser i should be looking for flaws in the top 10 films to comfort myself but i wont learn anything if i do that. i think its better to look at the beauty of those films and empathise with the messages instead. live n learn. live n learn. everyone is my teacher.

thanks aman for promoting 4PA in your blog. i appreciate it. tak menang nak buat camner, tk kisah pun la actually sebab tak membuktikan apa2, kalau kita menang pun tak buktikan apa2, cuma bagi peluang je. im eager to make more films not only for competitions but for people who likes watching them.

I dont even know the meaning of those two words when combined (give up) hahaha. Don't worrylah, I'm okay and you'll soon se me directing a really cool full length movie.

Qarl said...

""I'm okay and you'll soon se me directing a really cool full length movie.""

luv dat spirit, afiq...

keep on moving!!!!

i have faith in u!

Helmi Razali said...

kudos, that's a very intelligent way to answer criticism. I'm expecting more from you in the future. Good luck.

p.s. I like the way you defended yourself, without sounding defensive and boastful. it was very well done indeed.

Dammit said...

Aku rasa yang menang tu mungkin ada advantage dari segi budget n technology kot. Aku rasa short film kau dapat good review dari orang yang tengok(walapun exposure tak besar). Jadi, slowly orang akan recognize ko. Masa tu akan datang. gudluck.