Power of Prayers

I've always believe in the power of prayers. I was informed that a collegemate of mine, Faris Syafiq was forced into a coma at Hospital Serdang yesterday when he was diagnosed with Denggi Berdarah.
Yes, people react differently to deaths and terminal illnesses, I know. I will usually become unusually fussy and OCD when I hear news of terminal illnesses and cry a river when people I know die. My roommate is the quiet confident type (or he attempts to be) and will pretend like nothing happened. I couldn't say I'm annoyed by his reaction because he can't be all paranoid too when a prissy sprays every surface in plain sight with Shieldtox. He needs to be strong and tell me that I'm just being paranoid. He'eh macam suami isteri pulak kitorang!
Let's all pray for Faris's speedy recovery.
Faris Syafiq, if there's internet connection in the realm you're in, we desperately need you to wake the fuck up!


as easy as ABC said...

really..same with me,2 of my classmates being admitted into d hospital coz of denggue..luckily not severe just mild denggue and one of them recover alredy..unluckily another one becomes more worse bcoz his platelet count tends to decrese with heap of red spots appear on his skin..u know whats that mean..im pray to god hope my fren as well ur fren recover soon..amin..Another thing careful with aedes nowadays bcoz one bite only can cause dengue due to the higher infection doses of the viruses it has..

Puteri said...

i heard about fasir syafiq yesterday too. will include him in my prayers. hope he'll pull through..

Afiq Deen said...

I do too.

So wazzap with this monday? Izzit ON?