Good Afiq Bad Afiq

When I was 9 years old, I was considered a goody two-shoes in my school. I was mocked by some of the more rugged classmates for being a skema malay. Back in the days, budak melayu skema is a rare phenomenon. In Sabah, only chinese students were entitled to be nerds and be cool with it. Malays in the other hand were somewhat expected to be nakal.

Back then, I was under tight supervision of my mother. Even though she hinted that she would like me to be more manly, adventurous and confident, she contradicted her wishes with her strict rules.

When my grades dropped, my parents would point out ridiculous faults like "Itulah suka sangat Ziana Zain ha! Situ Nurhaliza! Mariah Carey!"

"Apalah Bapak merepek ni, sejak bila Afiq suka dorang?" I would thought to myself while imagining all the mentioned celebrities to do the macarena dance to distract myself from talking back. Rule of thumb: do not refute any allegations by parents. Kalau tidak mampuih~ kena rotan!

I purposely did badly in my midterms so I could be 'cool' and join the melayu gang. Who could blame me? I don't speak chinese so automatically it was impossible to become friends with them. I had no one to talk to about my problems and the conflicts I had in school. Mind you, parents those days don't talk empathetically to their children.

So at the risk of becoming a victim to the almighty rotan, I repented and did well in my exams. I befriended Jason Ng and officially established myself as a budak melayu skema. Along the process, I developed a rather strange habit. Every night I sat in front of the mirror and talked to the 'evil Afiq'. I would ask how my day went, switch off the drawing table light and answer the question with a coarse voice (like Gollum in LOTR) The moment I switch on the drawing table light, I'll turn back into the good Afiq and so on and so forth.

Why am I telling you this? I'm writing a short script about me communicating with my evil twin. I'm honing my script writing skill. I was told that I suck at it.

I haven't figure out what we'll talk about (between good Afiq and evil Afiq) but it is likely that our personalities will be of stark contrast. I think it's good practice and I can start tonight!

I think I'm referring my evil twin as Madba!

(I took and edit this photo 3 years ago)


Puteri said...

I've been referring to you as MadbAfiq for quite a while before you dropped your "twin's" blog. ingat tak?

Welcome back, "Madba" =)

Lisa Farhana said...

hilarious! HAHA :D

Afiq Deen said...

those were the days....

Radiah said...

reminds me of dr jekyll and mr hyde.