Any Suggestions?

I think making music video is a terrific way to practice filmmaking. I heard an interview on BFM 89.9 that to be an expert on something, we need 10 000 hours of practice on that specific skill. Ten fucking thousand. That's like 3 hours a day for 4 years. And since I'm not in film school, I like to preoccupy my free time practicing this art.
I was already finished with Taylor Swift's 'Our Story' storyboard but decided to use local music instead. Why? Because I think we are in dire need of good music videos.
I have several songs in mind already but I'm open for suggestions. Tell me what's your favourite local songs and I'll consider them. I doesn't matter if its genre is indie, rock or ballad for as long as its Malaysian. If you like the songs so much, you can even tell me a concept you're thinking of that I could use for the music video. It'll be fun.


Moja Amin said...

That's the word for local music vid. Hahaha!

I suggest Yuna's or Wani Ardy's, maybe?
But them songs are slow,ballad type of songs.
Just suggesting...

Helmi Razali said...

Well, at the moment i like kokokaina (i think she has a new stage name now). Indie chick, with soothing voice. I particularly like her 'kantoi' number. You can find her video, performing this song live on my blog. Click tengok SINI to see her performance.

Oh, a piece of advice. Although it's not wrong to produce a vc that is closely related to the lyrics, i always found this kind of vc shallow. Just a 10pence of opinion though.

pasal the concept? Entah. tapi lagu 'kantoi' tu is a funny song. And i think, funny = more angles to tackle a vc concept.

Akmal Azeman said...

have u seen dido's dont believe in love? it has a poetic video presentation; very subtle in presenting the meaning of the lyrics. i actually had to watched it for many tymes before i understand the whole video. im studying benl at the moment n we hv a grup project whr we hv to do poetry multimedia presentation. kinda like a video klip.

unlike helmi, i believe in a close relation bet the vid n the lyrics; it has to b suitable or else u'll ended up wit poeple saying: ape kena mengena ngn lagu die? but the thing that avoid shallowness in making a video is ur creativity. here, i believe shallowness is closely related to lameness or typical.

yuna is d only one the i can suggest. but lagu rama2 by ella is sumting sweet about life. i'll suggest more if i tot of anyone later.

cheers! :)

Dammit said...

They will kill us all - Running into spaces


Yuna - blue sands

Anoneemus™ said...

Kokokaina ok kut.

Afiq Deen said...

I like Yuna's songs especially Yang Sebenarnya.

Oh yes I'm a big fan of kokokaina. She has a raspy voice but she never records her songs properly so it's hard to make a music video using a live/youtube performances.

I've a soft spot for Rama-rama too. Too bad the current music video sucked.

I like both actually, mv that follows the lyric or the mv that gives a different dimension to the song. But it really depends on the songs and most importantly, the tune or rythm of the song.

Since all musician cook up a tune before putting in words to suit the tune, I think we should do the same.

Ooooh I like blue sand. Like santai-santai ala ala pergi air terjun lompat, picnic sket, gurau senda, ronda-ronda KL malam-malam. Like a KL female jason mraz.

So far so good. Any more suggestions? (Eh jangan risau weih, lagu XPDC, Jimbara and Wings pun aku layan..)

rehan who said...

afiq, why dont u go for something classic..or a retro? i was thinking about those black and white days, but no p.ramlee please. i mean he wrote really good songs but try to go for something less known. like r. azmi's dari kerana mata. or pakai baju kancinglah suasa. these are good songs, but not many people know the singer.

i'm just suggesting. go for something different. :)

Helmi Razali said...

oh, why not try some malaysian nursery rhymes. That ought to be good. Ha ha. One more thing, if u know how to use metaphor, that's definitely a bonus. Tapi too complicated a metaphor, and viewers wont be able to understand the message. make it subtle, yet deep. Challenging huh?

moon said...

stargazer by laila's lounge.

or backpacking around europe by yuna.

or any 7collar t-shirt song.