Shortlisted in MAS's Short Film Competition

I just found out that both Jemput and Tok Nab's Guest Room were shortlisted in a short film competition organised by our national courier, Malaysia Airlines.
Oh my fish! Excited gila babi!
You can view all the videos here.
Vote if you want to. If you think it's too tedious to go through the registration, don't lah.
I still can't believe I'm even shortlisted. I mean, to be with the same league as universities with films studies and mass comm like Curtin, Lim Kok Wing, Aswara, Sunway, Taylors etc is truly an honour.
"It doesn't matter if I win or lose, all that matters is the experience." is what I think I should be saying but both you and I know I don't really mean it, so why bother?



J said...

I voted for Tok Nab! She's so giddy and so amusing :)

Good luck fiq~

Dammit said...

gilalah weh. Goodlcuk dude!


Voted dua dua and can vote once a day limit. so kena vote every day until closing date....

lubnaaa said...


You deserve to win!

Afiq Deen said...

Thanks J. My tok will be renting that room soon so it'll be a 'fun' pre-entry video montage haha.

Yeah, only once a day for one video. They should make the website more famous la so random visitors can vote, not only the videos' casts and their family.

I do? God I hope you're right!

emma said...

congratulation afiq.
dats totally awesome.
i think they deserved to be shortlisted.

tia said...

kelakar! tengok banyak kali lagi..