21 Year Old College Student Plunged to His Death To Escape JAIS

GOMBAK: A college student, who was trying to escape a raid by religious officers, plunged to his death from the fifth floor of an apartment here.
It is believed that the 21-year-old student, who was alone with his girlfriend, panicked when several policemen and officers from the Selangor Religious Department knocked on the door of the rented unit yesterday.
“The deceased was a student at a private college nearby,” he said, adding that the police had also recorded a statement from the girlfriend.

The case has been classified as sudden death.
Sudden death my ass!
He was only 21. He had so much potential and now he's dead because he was afraid of getting caught by JAIS.
I know some (or most) of you will think that his death is justified because he commited zina. If you are one of those people, I bet you won't mind if your children, the love of your life, turns up dead after commiting something haram like gossiping (backbiting), holding hands with the opposite sex or kissing.
What if your children didn't pray? That's considered haram too. Will you feel okay if JAIS slammed into your child's apartment when he/she was caught not praying which resulted your child to panicked and jumped to his/her death?
Of all the things JAIS can do stop pre-marital sex like:
1. Anti-zina campaign
2. Encourage couples to marry young
3. Educate the public about how easy it is to get married.
4. Discourage the public from making marriage an expensive and extravagant event.
JAIS and all the other religious authorities decided that snooping into apartments, hotels and motels to instill fear is the best way to prevent pre-marital sex.
Now a 21 year old boy is dead. His girlfriend is traumatised. The parents are devestated.
So don't you ever think that his death is justified. JAIS is the catalyst of the boy's death and they should pay for what they've done.
If I were the boy's parents, I'll sue JAIS.


kawan makan breakfast said...

i dont know afiq, but somehow i think the main reason for you to write this kind of entry is because you want attention.

if i were you, i will shut up and concentrate on myself since death might be waiting for you too.

and yes, i am a coward for being anonymous. this is because i am a good friend of yours and i dont want you to hate me.

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

hye afiq..i understood what you are trying to say..but then..at the certain point.having said that..jais only performed his duty and obligation to prevent kemungkaran..

Afiq Deen said...

You might think I'm an attention whore but I feel strongly about this. Are you saying that because the guy had sex with his girlfriend he deserved this?

I loathe evangelist attitude towards death especially when people like you shield it with a peace loving religion you despicably call Islam.

If I WERE YOU, I'll learn to be more compassionate towards other human beings and own up to your words. People with no human compassion is no friend of mine!

Anonymous said...

i totally get you afiq. and don't feel alone becoz a lot of muslims feel the same way as you do.

Liberal Malay said...

Islam was brought to the Malays by the Sultan.

When the Sultan embraced Islam many hundred of years ago his subject follow suit.

In this case it is appropriate for the Sultan of Selangor as the head of Islam to protect his subject from cruel and illogical syariah enactment by UMNO which has no basis in Islam at all.

The gangsters of Islam, that is the religious fanatic Malays, are using the Enactment to terrorise Malays young lovers. Peeping and knocking on private homes at 2 in the morning.
As if the Selangor Government has nothing better to do then harassed its citizens.

LEt the death of the University student be the turning point against thees fanatics Malays whose only idea of mungkar is to spy on other Malays.

These are worse then communist police knocking on your door asking to check your certificates.

More liberal Malays should band together against these Malay islam fanatics.

It is a small step from checking the breath of Malays in Sunways Lagoon to Nordin Mat Top.

Malays freedom to decide their way of life must not be decided by fanatics.

Who are these people who think breaking and entry into private homes is asked by Allah? Fucking

For the sake of justice and peace the Sultan Selangor must act. Drinking of arak by Arabs thousand of years ago may be harmful to society.

But now control drinking is acceptable and a social pleasure which most Malay royalty embibed in. WE ARE NOT STUPID ARABS!

So Afiq, Malays liberal like you have other kinfolk in mind to fight these fanatic Malay. A Sabahan has form a society for Liberal Malays. Google it up!

We cannot let innocent girls and young men be terrorised and die at the hands of these Islamic gangsters who enjoy knocking and breaking into people houses.

Anonymous said...

Dude nobody pushed him to his death, so it was nobody's fault he plunged to death but his.

And yes you are an attention whore. Typical teenager / young adult behavior who thinks the World owe him an opinion but in reality he has nothing much to say.

simplynk said...

i dun get it... apsal lak jais or etc need to blame because of this...

1) basically, he wont die if he brave enuf to face it.

2) summore he juz left her gf behind & run away.No gal shud b treated like tat...

3) any parent will be devastated when they knew their own children r irresponsible and juz ditch a gal when problem come

Afiq Deen said...

Well said, Liberal Malay

The guy's action resulted from the raid. This makes his accidental death directly related to the JAIS raid.

That as it may, your holier-than-thou attitude towards 'people like me' will make more people to rethink their stand against fanatics like you.

Will I listen to a condescending voice who writes his opinion anonymously because he has no balls to own up to his words?


Will I listen to a free-willed young adult who is angry that a fellow teenager died because of a raid by JAIS?

Afiq Deen said...

Because if JAIS weren't there to invade their privacy and scared the living shit out of that guy, the student would still be alive.

1) With today's stigma towards pre-marital sex without understanding te social mechanics that attributed these actions, teenageres are torn between desperation and fear.

2) Eh, hello. He's dead. The girl is left there with a surat makhamah syariah and will go on with her life but his BF's dead. Dead. Are you saying he deserved to be dead because he's a coward?

3) Yeah, but knowing your child i DEAD makes no explaination based on whatever ground plausible.

I'm just saying, you know, if you're judgemental towards other people's past sins, it is almost certain that God will 'make' you understand. Some call it Karma. I call it God's will.

Kalau tak di dunia, di akhirat. So be careful. Pass judgements and you will soon go through the same thing you condemned ever so vehemently.

mynameisloopy said...

Pretty harsh, even for your standards.

Whilst I feel sad for the family(not so much for the girlfriend though. Yes, that's cold but she got it coming), it's not JAIS' fault that the boy thought the only way out of something that we're not even sure what it is yet is to leap off a building.

The only way JAIS would be at fault that HE panicked, jumped up and plunged to his death is if the room was so SMALL that the bed was stationed RIGHT NEXT to the window, in which case, that would be more of the apateu's developers'/interior decorators' fault.

The snippet of the article that you posted only said that they were alone in the apartment, so if they weren't caught with their underpants off then they would have just gotten away with khalwat, innit? Most of those people who were caught in the act didn't plunge to their deaths or even die in custody, did they? In fact they get away with very little if compared to what wrongdoers/adulterers get as punishment in countries that follow Qisas rules.

JAIS can organise all those things you proposed, and yes, they are good proposals, but people being people never listen, do they? It's stated in the Quran, for God's sakes, that 'Berzina itu haram'! If they choose not to listen to the HOLY QURAN, do you really think they would listen to what some people perceive as a bunch of old people sitting around the table making Islamic laws as they see fit?

I'm sorry he won't have a future, and I'm sorry the parents lost their son, but even if they file a lawsuit it would take a miracle for them to win because it is NOT JAIS' fault.

Afiq Deen said...

I am a bit harsh on this issue because I've seen first hand how muslims reacted to adultery.

2 years ago, a group of students scared off a men who was caught having sex with another male student. They called others to join their 'crusade' which led the man to jump off the window.

When the man fell near a drain, more people came out of their rooms and heard about what happened. Then they mocked and kicked the man to his very last breath.

Vigilante justice served cold.

If we're not even humane, forget about calling ourselves muslims.

If they sue JAIS, they probably won't win but it will affect a wind of change withing JAIS that will resonate with other religious authorities.

I think it is high time for religious authorities to change their methods of 'educating' the public. They have to abandon their -judge&punnish- attitude and focus their attention on public education. You know, prevention is whole lot better than passing judgements and punnishments.

Anonymous said...

Afiq, i feel sick reading some of the statement made by the so called 'muslim' brothers.These 'muslim'brothers are so 'peasant'in their way of thinking,no love,no compassion,cold hearted bastards.You can't do much and whatever you try to explain to them,they just don't get it.That is why you see 'rockers' that come to mosque to pray is being chased off and not allowed to pray.I am sure ,dead sure some of you so called muslim brothers,is going to pass some stupid statement after this....whylah brother semua ignorant sangat.Ours is a religion of love,not hate,forgiveness,not aggresion,religion of peace,not hate...Alim sangat konon....bacalah,bacalah dengan nama tuhan mu.Cari ilmu bukan untuk menghukum tapi untuk memahami dan membetulkan .JAIS ni memang tak dak kerja lain.Nak skodeng aja..

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

well..leaving your comment in my blog..hiding behind -no name- it somehow made me think that u r more stupid than me..pity of u..im not that stupid as u..so..if u named me as stupid girl..middle finger for u..!!

hey..the death of that boys while he was committed the sin is not the jais fault at all..it is just the coincidental okey??

if u felt that my comment regarding my words that, (jais only performed is duty n obligation to prevent kemungkaran) is stupid..then..how u called yourself as muslim??

did u ever learned bout pendidikan islam? mencegah kemungkaran adalah compulsory..wajib okeys?so..when someone reporting that there was a kemungkaran might happened there..as muslim..u have to take an action bout that..u know?so..the fact that the boy too panic then jumped,,not the fault of jais at all..i dunt get u..what actually u trying to prove here?
do u know..life n death in the hand of allah.??did jais intended him to die?nobody want it aite?i was fate..fate that Allah planned it for him..okey??

you said..
Because if JAIS weren't there to invade their privacy and scared the living shit out of that guy, the student would still be alive.

i said
if Allah say that that boy should die today..then..nothing can stop it okay??i dont think Jais was interfered with the privacy of their house..coz there must be a reason y jais do that..and it is true that there was a boy n his girl there having sex..then..whats the point u trying to raised up here??yess..it between them n Allah..but we as the society..we have to prevent any kemungkaran from happen rite..

well..do u understand islam or u are double stupid than me?

Afiq Deen said...

Nurulbadiah, saya rasa ada communication breakdown di sini.

Jangan risau, setelah baca balik komen-komen lama, tak ada orang panggil akak stupid. Akak perasan je kot.

Ajal memang di tangan tuhan. Memang sudah diutuskan yang si polan itu meninggal tapi cara dia meninggal dunia terpulang pada diri dia dan persekitaran dia.

Menghendap dan me-raid apartment bukan satu cara pencegahan yang efektif kerana rata-rata orang yang dihendap itu sudahpun menjalani hubungan seks (sebelum atau sewaktu raid)

Bukankah pencegahan itu lebih efektif dengan mendidik masyarakat tentang kepentingan berkahwin dan menolak pendapat umum yang membuatkan perkahwinan itu sesuatu yang mahal dan susah.

Akak, tidak elok kita mengkhuatiri pemahaman Islam saudara-saudara seperjuangan sebab kita sendiri tak semestinya lebih berilmu daripada orang lain.

Jadi itulah huraian subjek 'prevention'. Mengskodeng pasangan bukan prevention cuma mahu ada saksi 4 orang itu dijadikan kes makhamah syariah. Itu menghukum bukan Prevention yang dimaksudkan.

Dah, akak jangan emo lagi.

silent reader said...

ahahaha,kakak tu emo semacam sampai membodohkan diri sendiri.

for me it's only common sense that people agree with you on this but hmmm... from wat i see, we think very differently when it comes to islam.

hence the post Your Islam, My Islam. i didnt get that entry at first but now i do.

sEouL said...


ingat setiap percakapan ini akan di persoalkan kelak. fikir dahulu. adakah persoalan ini akan meningkatkan keimanan kepada Allah @ menggalakkan kemurkaan.

kalian memang org yang baik coz sentiasa memikirkan nasib org yg disebelah sane. tapi sedarkah kalin urusan jais itu merupakan langkah menghalang org lain yg mahu mencuba berbuat perkara yg sama. ingat saudara yg telah meninggal itu sedang disoal oleh 'malaikat mungkar dan nangkir' kita seharusnye memikirkan apakah hidup ini akan berakhir begitu?

memang benar kita perlu mencegah. tapi bile telah dijangkiti langkah terbaik adalah stop the reaction from being spread.

(minta maaf jika penulisan ini mengganggu perasaan mana2 pihak)
peringatan; tak semua pendapat kite perlu diterima. para sahabat dahulu begitu takut untuk memberi pendapat ditakuti mendapat celaan Allah.

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

afiq- im not perasan okay..i know that u comment me..at the first place..u said..
stupid girl..i know that is you..okey?then i know u mean it...that why i dtg balik n komen back okay..
but then, sorry if i ni..u said so-called perasan je.but...as what i told you at my first comment here..i understood what u trying to said..but them jais just only perform his duty...
mencegah??how nk mencegah??mencegah by giving words je not enough okay..i dont think yang jais tu menghendap secara membabi buta..mesti ada org pergi report..or mesti ade allegation yang dlm rumah tu ada pasangan bukan muhrim..menyerbu tu kire mcm mencegah jugak..

btw,..efiq n silent rider..im not emo..i just uttered my humble opinion...im not menbodohkan diri sendiri okay..i just respon kepada comment yang ditinggalkan dlm my blog regarding this issue..


Anonymous said...

What is up with your obsession with Karma? It's not even Islamic? As a Muslim, you have to believe that only Allah can decide to punish/reward us whilst we're still alive a la 'what goes around comes around' or to hold it off till we're six feet under. Not a rule from Hinduism believing that every little deed on earth will come full circle.

May I ask what happened to the other dude? Surely he too didn't jump to his death, did he? I agree that it is completely wrong for the JAIS team to humiliate them further by asking people around to 'crusade', but again, it is not their fault that the guy wanted to take the easy way out right there and then(sans any prior punishment on earth, which can only make his life after life worse, geujeo?).

Punishment may seem horrible to you but one of the reasons why there needs to be one, as in Qisas or Malaysia's very own customised ones, is that it somewhat lessens or even completely abolish the weight of punishment that you will receive in the akhirah later. 80 strokes of the whip doesn't sound as bad as 1000 years in hell, does it?

However, I am shocked that there are people who would kick a dying man, and IMO that is just as wrong as zina itself. We do need to be educated more in this area. As Muslims, we have to practice Husnuz Zon, but you can't help to pass judgment sometimes(in this case, since he was caught in the act(I assume of sodomy) and leaped off I suppose he was in an incriminating situation. Doesn't make kicking him any better of an act though). We just need to know that it is not our place to inflict a punishment. Any punishment/sentence should follow only a fair trial.

Spying on people is wrong, but why do you think that most burst-in-and-catch cases happen in condos/apartments -- where the units are in close proximity to each other -- anyways? Sometimes you just can't help but notice strange behaviour. In most cases, people don't just jump to conclusions; I'm sure the hanky panky has been going on for quite some time before people decide to report it. Which would be our duty as Muslims to do so, right? It's for their own good, if you really think about it. Nothing slaps you in the face more than humiliation.

I'm not even to include hotel in this list. You're just asking for it if you dared to go there.

And why shouldn't JAIS go in there with 4 people or more to be witnesses? In Islam that's how it works; you need four or more credible male witnesses. And rightly they should, because if they didn't then they won't have a case. Plus if two unmarried-to-each-other people snuck into a small space, do you really think they'd start playing Uno or something?

If what you're upset about is this boy'd death, and 'the boy from two years ago's death, then what we also need to educate people about is how to take responsibility for their actions and not take the next window out -- literally.

I don't have a google account, btw, and all the other buttons don't work.


Anonymous said...

JAIS is outdated.By the way did any of you ever ponder why there must be 4 saksi in the first place for Zina cases? And these 4 guys must be good guys,sembahyang,puasa and all that.Lets say that after receiving a very reliable information,these 4 ,say from JAIS make a stake out,and skodeng a couple in the act.For zina cases, these 4 god fearing ,sembahyang tak tinggal guys,got to witness the act of 'pedang masuk dalam sarung' to confirm it did took place.Why the hell should they skodeng in the first place.Don't tell me these god fearing guys are voyeurs kaki.In short, case zina is hard to prove and if you go a little further and think,why 4 not 3 or 2 or 6...GOD IS Great.ALLAH Maha Mengetahui,most merciful,most gracious.The rest of you muslim are 'educated taliban'....COME ON MAN,THE GUY IS DEAD...yes i blame JAIS.

Bazilah said...

Salaam, it's interesting to read people's reaction to this especially when the typical so-called Muslimah who is "honestly" devoted to God comes and say things which leads to people checking out her blog and hey, what a surprise! Very expressive indeed.

Yes, the raids have got to stop planting the idea that raids=jail or hukum sebat, or the idea that raids will make your life like a living hell once you have been found guilty of doing so and so, seriously, the Islamic community have got to find better ways to teach the society on how to be closer to Allah and how to discover self along the journey to Allah, not terus jump to being strict and scaring people sampai they don't have the heart to be closer to those factors leading to the right path.

Even Imaams are scary and we are frightened or embarrassed to even confront them because they look at sinned people with disgust.

Hmmm... Good post by the way.

Anonymous said...

agree with nurul badiah..
afiq please cool down ok...
lepas ni kne mansuhkan JAIS la...sbb bg afiq JAIS ni x gne ek??

jacaranda said...

I am in agreement with Mr/Ms en Liberal. I dont get it sometimes, like u said Afiq, there are more ways than one to prevent all these, but these ppl chose to spy and ambush ppl around. I personally think that their intention is to humiliate the couple/couples parents.

Not Sloopy said...

Mr Loopy is a typical Malay thinking that Islam as propogated by the Arabs
practise peeping into and watching people copulating,

"And why shouldn't JAIS go in there with 4 people or more to be witnesses? In Islam that's how it works; you need four or more credible male witnesses."

Muahaha how stupid can the Malays be in interpreting the Arab religion.

But it is the stupid and inane Malays like UMNO who made these Selangor syariah laws so that Malay women must be witnessed by 4 other men while they are raped or else they will be qazafed!

"In Islam this how it works" show how stupid Malays like Loopy and the Selangor Government thinks. Okay now the Governemnt of Selangor must hire 4 people to go and watch a couple fornicating and get them for persetubuhan haram. Check their Ic if they are Chinese or Indians or KAdazan or Malays.

Or a Malay woman being raped must sms 4 male friends to come and witness her rape!

Bodoh...bodoh. Jika Islam suruh buat macam itu Islam adalah ugama paling bodoh.

Adakah Islam yang bodoh atau Loopy dan Selangor Govt yang bodoh?

Jadi perlukah kita orang Melayu mengikut budaya orang Arab dimana perempuan di rogol depan 3 orang tak apa. Asalkan jangan 5 orang. Seorang merogol dan 4 jadi saksi.

Itu cara Arab beratus tahun dahulu. Kita ada kanun jenayah Perlembagaan. Jadi Enakmen Syariah Selangor yang hanya mendera orang Melayu adalah bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan Malaysia dan tidak terpakai.

JAIS penuh dengan Melayu fanatik Islam dengan interpretasi bodoh yang tak masuk akal.

Adakah Allah menyuruh maka suruhlan mereka meniup ke dalam alcohol detector dan penjara mereka jika mereka didapati nafas mereka positif. Ini Kerajaan gila apa? Orang makan dan minum berhibur pun mahu di sebat?

Rukunnegara menyebutkan kita mesti bina budaya saintifik dan menjaga tatasusila. Dengan itu jabatan JAIS perlu dibubarkan sebelum ramai lagi remaja Melayu mati lari dari Islam.

Anonymous said...

Right on Sloopy....After all,we start with Bismillah..Allah Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang.Adakah agama islam agama yang menakutkan,i don't think so.ALLAH MAHA PENGASIH LAGI MAHA PENYAYANG...and also MAHA PENGAMPUN.JAIS tu memang taliban.Pergi buat serbuan degan 'nawaitu' nak tangkap,niat dari awal pun dah tak betul.Nak menghalang kemungkaran 'my foot'.

Anonymous said...

Correction,i mean Not Sloopy..not that sloopy .

epul said...

Prevention is better than cure. To "Amar makruf nahi munkar", there are many ways of how to prevent maksiat but usually people prefer to do it in 'hard' way.

Example, those pondan or maknyah (pardon my language). People want to prevent them from kemungkaran by insult them, by then they run away and never go back to pangkal jalan. Who should be blame for that?

So JAIS shouldn't do the raid, instead find the way how to avoid it from happen, like what Afiq said, educate and encouragement of marriage. Premarital sex can be reduced.

Anonymous said...

Dear Not Sloopy,

Nice rant. Childish, but nice. And that's not just because you call people names either. There are so many things that I can describe you as right now, but I don't want to stoop to that very, very low level.

Please point out to me where in my two posts did I even make a statement about rape. So far I've stuck to the topic of Zina alone. Please point it out to me, oh wise one.

You clearly haven't studied Syariah Law in the slightest, have you? So many more rules (Ta'zir, physical investigation, confession) go into rape where most of the time there aren't 4 witnesses. Go pick up a good book, and when you've filled that head of yours with enough of anything at all contact me and maybe we can have a face to face like good people should.

It's Ms. Loopy, btw.

Olee said...

In my honest opinion, the boy's death a classic case of tragic accident, attributed to the reputation (or infamy) of JAIS, but not Jais itself.

Like you said, this religious authority is the catalyst. However, it is not the cause. They were just doing their job (low it may be) when it happened while the boy's death is the result of a series of bad choices in life. Some are lucky after making mistakes and get second chances, some, like him... end up having their fate sealed. Hence, the word accident. I do not blame the boy. Nor do I blame JAIS.

I'm just saying, shit happens.

In a different context, there should be a research done to study the effectiveness of JAIS policing religious offenders by snooping around. If it isn't working, why bother. Find another less despicable way of curbing... human inherent nature to enjoy and explore.

I'm a Non-Muslim so I have no say in JAIS action. But personally, I'd be pissed if people have the nerve to label themselves holier than me, and go around monitoring my conducts or misconducts. But it's been going on everywhere, in uni, online, in government civil service, in the back stages of the media... sigh. That's Malaysia for you.

Not Sloopy said...

Ms Loopy... there is no point into syariah law Takzir and so on.

Everyone knows about them. JAIS knocking loudly on your door at 2 am is the practical implementation. Who dont know about cruel and bizarre syariah laws. Six rotan for Kartika for drinking Tiger Beer. JAIS giving breathlayser test at Sunway last weekend.

Oh we know everything about Syariah. We just dont want it. IT IS AN ARABIC WAY OF LIFE!

So Umar beat a drunken arab hundreds of years ago. Why do we need to beat Malay women now?

"Please point out to me where in my two posts did I even make a statement about rape. So far I've stuck to the topic of Zina alone. Please point it out to me, oh wise one.

You clearly haven't studied Syariah Law in the slightest, have you? So many more rules (Ta'zir, physical investigation, confession) go into rape where most of the time there aren't 4 witnesses."

Syariah law memalukan Melayu dan menjatuhkan mertabat Melayu dan Malaysia ke taraf dunia ketiga. Seperti Pakistan dan Yemen.

Anwar Ibarhim is in front of you demanding qazaf for someone who report him for sodomi TODAY!

The injustices of Syariah can be feel today in Selangor, Pahang, everywhere in Malaysia.

So yes everyone knows how cruel syariah law is. You dont need to go to UIA.

You dont mention about rape because there is no such thing as rape in Syariah or Hudud!

You cannot reconcile Hudud with modern lifestyle because Hudud was right hundred of years ago where arab women were chattel to men. They still cannot vote and drive today!

Women who cried rape is in fact accusing a man of zina. Get it?

So it is qazaf for her...hehehe. Nice touch Anwar.

But when life is lost because the people fear Islam and Syariah then we must stand up to people like you.

Get a life and have sex more often then you wont begin wondering what your neighbours are doing in their bedroom to call up the government to check on their copulations.

Of course they are having sex hehehe... thats what life is about!

Anonymous said...

semua gila ni:

mencegah elok dari merawat.betul tapi sekarang dah tahap merawat.

Anti-zina campaign

dah memang ada dalam ajaran islam.zina = haram. reminder perlu selalu.tapi kalau tgk keadaan sekarang.kena merawat disamping mencegah yg mana boleh dicegah.

amal makruf nahi mungkar. tegah guna keadaan dan kekuatan.

"Siapa saja di antara kalian yang melihat kemungkaran, hendaklah ia mengubahnya dengan tangannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan lisannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan hatinya. Akan tetapi, yang demikian itu adalah selemah-lemahnya iman. (HR Muslim)".

dalam kes ni JAIS yg ditugaskan.so biarlah dia buat keje dia.

panik terjun@cubaan lari kat dunia sebab takut jais mais sais all the ais..tuhan bayar cash.mati.

first time i baca post u this is what i paham
"let them have sex..educate je"

baca kali kedua..
"jais atau badan2 lain kena ubah cara menangkap pasangan membuat mungkar ni.raiding can cause riot and the result boy found death"

Anonymous said...

afiq, tu da mmg tggungjwab JAIS..phak yg da kuasa tok mncegah dgn tgn....kalo xde JAIS, spa nak cgah dgn tgn??mncegah dgan aty tuu,,slemah2 iman...tgok kes skang ni da laa...baby2 lua nikah buang,,itu msa da JAIS...klo xde???bape bnyak g nak buang hah???hukum sebat tok lki yg bzina plak mmg ptot..kjian pon de ckp camtu...

tia said...

"prevention is whole lot better than passing judgements and punnishments."

suka ayat ni.

ahli said...

JAIS ..jabatan intai sex..hehe

Anonymous kenapa pula mengendap rumah orang dan mengetuk rumah orang Melayu tanggungjawap JAIS?

Rajin benor pukol 2 pagi mengendap rumah orang.

Korang jangan nak tipu pasal skudeng ni konon ikut ajaran orang Arab

"Siapa saja di antara kalian yang melihat kemungkaran, hendaklah ia mengubahnya dengan tangannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan lisannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan hatinya. Akan tetapi, yang demikian itu adalah selemah-lemahnya iman. (HR Muslim)"

Mereka ni hidup kurun keberapa? Kenapa cara hidup arab beribu tahun dahulu jadi panduan Melayu moden?

Apa kaitan menahan kemungkaran dengan mengendap orang bersetubuh?

Bagaimana dengan riba? Bagaimana dgn fitnah yang lebih besar dari zina?

Sebab JAIS nak tgk puki perempuan haha...!

Mengendap dan mengintai jiran itu sendiri satu kemungkaran.

Mendedahkan aib orang mengikut Islam itu satu kemungkaran.

Menganggu keaman dan privacy orang Melayu satu kemungkaran.

Menyebabkan kematian remaja Melayu satu kemungkaran.

Jadi ko jangan cakaplah. Ko kira kemungkaran yang dilakukan di atas oleh Ketua JAIS. PAsti PEngarah JAIS itu ahli neraka alhamdullah.

Tak ada kejo ke.

Ap said...

ahli bqu ckap pandai psai fitnah..
pas2 trus fitnah jais mcm2..
dah la bleh mnolak hadis sahih riwayat muslim plak 2..
akhir zaman..

klaw jais mybbkn 1 kmatian xsgaja ja pn nk marah..
tpi klaw accident kat jln rya smpy bjuta2 mati xbqasa nk tuleh dalam blog plak..
'prevention is better than cure'
tpi rsanya dah byk cubaan prevent kempen jalan rya tpi still lgi byk kmatian jalan rya =,=
prevention xkn dpt cpai 100% lol..
psai accident 2 cth ja k

please read tafsir al-Quran once in awhile la.. Surah AnNisa' ayat 78..
Allah y ttapkan kmatian sseorg 2 k?
so jgn salahkn JAIS bila sesua2 buqok blaku..
pcaya la Qada' Qadar sma..
Jgn la jdi mcm arab jahiliah dlu k???
“Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!” If some good befalls them they say “This is from Allah”; but if evil, they say “This is from thee” (O Prophet). Say: “All things are from Allah. But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single fact? (78)(An-Nisa)

sdih toi tgk org Islam.. org y buat mksiat dipetahan.. org y cegah mksiat ditentang.. ya la.. klaw nk diiktiraf ataw dberi phatian sbg open-minded ka, liberal ka, kna igt Allah jgak.. Jgn ptikai hadis ataw Quran.. xpsai2 stgi murtad ringan scara xsgaja..Allah pn ada berfirman, berfikir, kna la brpandukan Al-Quran dan As-sunnah.. bukan dgn hawa nafsu.. hat ni caqi sniqi la kot lam Quran Tafsir ataw buku teks skolah mnengah.. stgi klaw suap, xbukak plak..

ahli said...

Ap ko ni memang tipikal melayu yang percaya tahayul dan hipokrit.

Akhir zaman bila ko buka blog lepas tu berhubung dengan perempuan2 yang ko tak kenal yang bukan muhrim ko. Itu akhir zaman. Meletak gambar2 perempuan2 dalam blog ko tentunya untuk tujuan menghampiri zina bukan hehe?

“Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!” If some good befalls them they say “This is from Allah”; but if evil, they say “This is from thee” (O Prophet). Say: “All things are from Allah. But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single fact? (78)(An-Nisa)

Itulah ko percaya sangat dengan ajaran Arab sampai membunuh sesama Melayu ko halalkan. Siapa yang jahil? Siapa yang murtad?

Kemungkaran ada banyak kemungkaran. Mengintai puki perempuan Melayu pun satu kemungkaran dan perbuatan yang tdak bertamadun.

Seks dengan budak perempuan 9 tahun pun adat budaya orang Arab sampai sekarang. Tapi di pandang jijik oleh dunia moden. Siapa yang jahil?

Quran itu adalah ajaran yang membawa banyak kebaikan tapi ia diterjemah oleh bahalul macam ko Ap dam JAIS yang se aliran hingga menjadi sesuatu yang tak diterima akal.

Sedih tenguk orang Melayu. Orang berkasihan dala bilik dalam ruamh di intai dan di hendap orang buat fitnah di masjid di sanjung.

Yang murtad sebenarnya ko Ap kerana menghalalkan pembunuhan dari perbuatan JAIS sedangkan Islam mengharamkan mengintai jiran.

Sedangkan Islam menyuruh pergi jika salam tidak di jawab 3 kali bukan memecah pintu masuk.

Yang mempertahankan maksiat adalah budak bahlol macam ko. Kerana ko meletakkan gambar perempuan2 yang tak bermaruah diblog ko dan dengan demikian memenuhi nafsu mereka untuk berkenalan dengan lelaki2 yang bukan muhrim.

Ini maksiat yang jelas dan nyata. JAIS patut serbu rumah ko. BAru padan muka ko. haha

Ap said...

ahli ko ni memang tipikal melayu yang akai ada tpi xqeti sgt gna..

aku ltak gambaq pompuan??
aku baqu ada satu post la..
xdak plak ltak gmbaq pomp..
xdak lgi la stakat la.. haha..
tpi follower ka y hg mksodkan?
jahil IT rupanya..
depa 2 follower blog aku kot?
jantan pn ada =,="
n bila msa plak haram scara total laki pomp berinteraksi dlm Islam?
pakcik.. hg kna p bli Quran kot? Aku hat xslalu bca pn taw kot? =,="
klaw hg rsa Islam 2 sgt oppressive smpy knal dgn jntina len pn xleh, mksdnya hg xtaw Islam laa..
surah Al-Hujuraat ayat 13? ring a bell?? dingdong.. syllabus form 2 la wehh.. xkn lupa dah =,="

dan hg pham ka x AYAT ALQURAN yang aku boh 2?
aku ni xla taw sgt psai dalil2 nih..
tpi y 2 snang sgt nk pham kot?
2 bkn ajaran arab.. ajaran Islam lol.. arab jahiliah dlm ayat 2 dok tuduh nabi bila bnda buqok blaku maka Allah suqoh nabi ckap bhwa baik ataw buqok smuanya dqi Allah.. ehem.. tmasok la kmatian? xnmpak lgi ka connection? ka ada msalah skit klaw tlis english? ehem..

n hg amat picky dlm bab2 agama nih..
hat mana menguntungkan hg tibai..
xuntung xmaw..
Sedangkan Islam menyuruh 'nahi mungkar' bukan putaq belit dalil2 bgi sesat lol..

ohhh ya.. aku blajaq time dajah 6 duluuuu nuh, dlm Islam sniqi pn kna tgk situasi..
cthnya hat psai bgi salam 3 kali tu,
cth; dlm satu rmh dpat taw ada perompak, n polis mai.. polis 2 nk kna blah ka klaw bgi salam 3 kali xtjwab?? kna break in kot? LOL..
ckap pndai tpi xpandai.. pyahhh.. haha

"meletakkan gambar perempuan2 yang tak bermaruah diblog ko dan dengan demikian memenuhi nafsu mereka untuk berkenalan dengan lelaki2 yang bukan muhrim" kuat fitnah toi hg ni..
"orang buat fitnah di masjid di sanjung." hg tgh fitnah ahli masjid 2.. taw mna lam masjid org bt fitnah? n taw mna org len sanjung 'mami2 jarom masjid'??
tpi plik jgak, 'ltak gmbaq' jdi maksiat y jelas y nyata..
bduaan2 dlm rumah xjelas n xnyata n xpa plak?
kes ni y aku kata akai xgna sgt..
ada 2 ada..

n dia buleh ckap tjemahan2 AlQuran y JAIS pkai xleh pakai padahai tjmahan2 2 ditetap oleh jumhur ulama'.. sat2.. mai nak pkiaq sat.. nk pcaya tjmahan 'ahli' ka nk pcaya tjmahan jumhur ulama? LOL..
aku nasihat, stop ptikai ayat2 Quran n Hadis k?

eh jap,bukan nk sindir ataw perli, tpi nk taw.. 'ahli', hg ni sebetoi2nya mlayu Islam ka x? bukan aku nk kutuk.. thnx :D

oh yaa.. xpyah cuba tunjuk btapa jhatnyaaaaaa aku nih sbb aku ngaku, aku mmg xbek taqa mana pn.. tqok gak.. haha.. tpi tqok2 aku pn taw lgi la hat mana baik buqok.. rti lgi la hormat Quran ngn hadis..

Afiq Deen said...

Sangat judgemental. Tak elok tu pakcik. Mencari kesalahan orang macam JAIS.

Janganlah pakcik rasa pakcik ni betul sangat sampai dilindungi tuhan (sebab 'jasa-jasa' pakcik)

Berendahlah diri sedikit, walaupun dengan golongan muda. Ada banyak perkara yang kita boleh belajar kalau kita buka minda kita. Macam mana hidayah nk masuk ke kepala otak pakcik tu kalau pakcik sentiasa tertutup?

ahli said...


alah memang ko tipikal budak Melayu bahlol LOL.

"oh yaa.. xpyah cuba tunjuk btapa jhatnyaaaaaa aku nih sbb aku ngaku, aku mmg xbek taqa mana pn.. tqok gak.. haha.. tpi tqok2 aku pn taw lgi la hat mana baik buqok.. rti lgi la hormat Quran ngn hadis..

Si bahLOL hormat Quran dan hadis, tenguk gambar puki dalam komputer, melancap dalam bilik mengaminkan budak mati kena serbu JAIS.

LOL enuf said.. setakat hormat quran dan hadis..wooii itu sudah bagus..

"n dia buleh ckap tjemahan2 AlQuran y JAIS pkai xleh pakai padahai tjmahan2 2 ditetap oleh jumhur ulama'.. sat2.. mai nak pkiaq sat.. nk pcaya tjmahan 'ahli' ka nk pcaya tjmahan jumhur ulama? LOL..
aku nasihat, stop ptikai ayat2 Quran n Hadis k?" .

Bagus nasihat jumud ko sekurang2nya ko tak akan jadi kayu api neraka muahaha. Siapa itu jumhur ulama?

Aiik ko dah sokong jais pula.. Afiq? Muahaha.. guess you dont know what you are talking about..

Anyway a good post to start to finding the truth.

Anonymous said...

macam ni laa klau x ikut Islam..

Anonymous said...

Jais knock the door,the boy afraid,then without using his mind poof...dead...
hey bro afiq,if a pizza deliver who did not want to knock the door,but TERSILAP RUMAH LAH PULAK, then the boy afraid,then died in the same way,whom that you think becoming the catalyst of the boy's death.........???

Truth said...


The pizza boy will say..bang pizza bang. And the nice smell will make anyone open the door.

The JAIS Islamic police bang loudly on the door. And shout ini JAIS! Buka pintu. Kami tahu kamu sedang bersetububuh di dalam!

There is a lot of different. The Islamic police are threatening and bullying voice as reported in NST as happened in Trengganu resorts hotel where they knocked at 2 in the morning until door is open.

To save the maruah of his gf the boy tried to run away from the Islamic police.

But the question is why should
JAIS knock on private homes at 2 in the morning? What kind of govermnent spy on its citizens through neigbours. Since they are not committing zina the neighbours who accused them should be qazaf as a kemungkaran has been done.

Laici said...

if the boy has not committed the crime in the first place, then no harm will be done.Berani kerana benar, lelaki tuh benar ker sebab adakan hubungan seks tanpa ikatan?if .. Anti-zina campaign?Educate the public about how easy it is to get married? first of all, a campaign isnt gonna work cause of how much influence the media have among us in sexual activities. second, it not that easy to get married, ok, its easy to get married, but its hard to support your family after married..sex is a responsibility towards a person, we,Muslim does not commit sex for fun like other religion.. If u ask me, JAIS were just doing their work, and shouldnt be blamed for what happened.