Bomoh Harus Didaftar

All doctors need to be registered before they can practice medicine. Doctors have to go through 7 years of university/college before they can practice general medicine. Bomohs, on the other hand can simply buka tikar and start practicing their brand of medicine whenever and wherever.

Even though we're living in the 21st century, you would be surprise to know that most malays still believe that bomohs are legit healers.

Nampak benda ghaib malam-malam? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Sakit tekak akibat dibuat jiran sebelah yang cemburu sebab kamu beli TV HD? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Sakit perut dan lesu badan? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Anak bodoh dan tak nak belajar? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Muka berjerawat batu? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Demam tak sudah-sudah? Jom jumpa bomoh.

Nak kurus? Jom jumpa bomoh.

When will our people learn that bomohs are practically con men because they tell you things you WANT to hear. For example;

"Tok, saya ni tok, dah seminggu asyik muntah-muntah aje."

"Kamu muntah darah ke darah biasa."

"Muntah biasa tok."

"Tok dengar kamu dah bercerai. Memang ni angkara isteri baru suami cik sebab dia cemburu sebab bekas suami cik masih sayangkan cik. Dia yang pasang barang dekat cik."

"Betol jugak, saya memang ada nampak dia lalu lalang depan rumah saya tempoh hari.."
"Tak apa, Tok boleh ubatkan Insya Allah.."

All bomohs veil that wretched ways with religion. Bismillah here and there, "Saya mahu kamu bawa 2 kepala ayam, satu hitam satu putih... Al-fatihah!" Maybe this is the reason why people trust bomohs, because they think what they are doing is not only halal but the preferred way of healing in Islam.

Shit of bull.

It is also our fault that there are so many bomohs out there. We demand for their services so much that now they have started to specialise. Gila.

Take our boy genius Adi Putra. He's a math whiz but people don't go lining up in front of his house to have their math problems solved. They want him to spit in a bottle of water for them to bring home as an all-purpose medicine.
Alternative healing is certainly a viable option for some cases but it has to be done by certified religion expert. We have to make sure that the Ustaz has a religious authority certificate. In short, he has to be an Ustaz yang bertauliah. You will find that it's very hard to get someone with a valid certificate so how now brown cow?

Go see a doctor.


Anoneemus™ said...

I wrote in an entry that bakar kemenyan is not Islamic way to deal with death,or dead body.It's just a bomoh way to impress their clients, and to feed the jins.

I was not surprised lah ramai tak setuju.

adila said...

saya masa kecik2 dulu pernah kena bawak jumpa bomoh sebab malas pergi mengaji...he3!

Szakif said...

Have you ever met any bomohs and see by your own eyes how their modus operandi work? Or the one in the story you wrote is basically fictional?

carutPK said...

nak kurus jumpa bomoh? which bomoh..i need NAME LOCATION...tell me!LOL

some bomoh ada kuasa magic and script yg biasa diguna.

"oh ni tersampuk semangat lalala"
"siapa yg buat tu saya tak tahu la."
"saya tau sapa yang buat tapi tak boleh nak kasi tahu awak..takut berdendam"

Afiq Deen said...

Pernah. Twice. I followed a friend who wants to berubat because dia nampak benda malam2. Guess what the bomoh told her?

"ini angkara kawan dik yang dengki"

tak apa-apa lagi dah buat andaian mcm tu.

epul said...

In some cases, yes. The doctors cannot solve the problems because it caused by sihir by others. It is undeniable that such things still exist, for instance pukau which currently rise in popularity. But in most of the time, I still doubt that any bomoh available nowadays are really reliable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the opinion. Avoid bomoh(witchmen) at all cost as they could deviate our faith, break relationships by making assumption/accusation, and make the sickness even worse. Go for the certified ustaz who practice alternative healing to solve rare cases which the doctors couldn't. Darus Syifa' by Haron Din for example is a good one and it has a really good reputation for the time being.

tia said...

kita kenal orang yang macam ni..
sangat kolot.
tak kata diri ini sangat hebat..
tapi cam sengalla kalau kita asyik nak percaya something yang actually doctor boleh bagi..

nak percaya bomoh memang payah ar.
cam ada goosebumps kalau lalu depan umah bomoh..


memang ar dia ada baca ayat itu ini..kita punya percaya lah..dia guna ayat al-quran..hakikatnya kita tahulah pulak

paling cam harama kalau minta pengeras.

elok betul.