Good Things Comes in Threes

I just finished updating my online portfolio and rewatched everything I made two years back.
Oh Tuhanku! Geli~
I was cringing non-stop. I remembered making my first video after I was inspired by a song featured on Smallville. The video was grainy, had no direction and made no sense whatsoever but the pride I had for that one minute video was undescribable. I knew then my life calling is not architecture. It's filmmaking. I never looked back ever since. So I suppose cringing is a good sign. It indicates that I have higher standards now and I'm able to articulate film much better.
I hope that when I turn 25 my cringing is close to hypothermic when I watch the films that I make today. I hope.
I am so preoccupied with writing my upcoming feature film The Hypothesis that I can't write anything remotely substantial in this blog. To that effect, I am taking a break for a few days.

I'll be around coffee shops sipping milk tea and thinking of new horrendous murder techniques.
I'm giving this 'baby' my utmost attention because it'll be my first ever feature film. I am also very very afraid because this is a huge leap for me, I mean from short films to a feature film without any formal training in filmmaking. But then, afraid is an understatement. I am terrified! Terrified of the prospect of producing this thriller.
If I've learned something in life, it would be that if you have a dream and work really really hard to achieve it, that dream will have no other choice but to materialise. And my dream for the time being is to make the best thriller film I can possibly make.
I'm ready to take that leap. Tarik nafas. Godspeed.

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