Revisiting Kafka

The concept of existentialism is against Christianity and Judaism. I'm not sure about Hindu and Buddhism but a lot of religions contrasts the basic understanding of existentialism. I personally think existentialism and Islam can sit on the same couch, although some might argue that Islam IS the couch and existentialism is a fraction of the couch's structure.
Is a strong emotion a predominant reoccuring loop? I often ask this to myself. If I was hurt in the past, will I have the natural tendency to hurt others? But if I deluded my past with the enforcement of a strong-willed moral compass, can the emotions afflicted upon me wisp away or be replaced?
I've been thinking about this a lot lately but somehow, somehow, somehow I will convince myself that I do not inherit my past. I am not my past. But it could be that although my life is not a mimicry of the life I'd no control over in the past, it is now the result of it. Scary. This thought belongs in an invisible drawer under the invisible pillows, just next to the other invisible drawer.
But then again, memories, thoughts and intentions are all invisible. fml.

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