Panjangkan Umur?

The most certain thing in life is death. The moment we were born, our death is engrained into our destiny.
In Islam, the time of death is predetermined upon birth. I remembered Sultan praising banners back in Kedah with photoshop-emboldened "Allah Panjangkan Umur Tuanku".
The Sultan is a human being, like you and me. We are equals in the eye of God. So Allah will not make an exception to any single individual, no matter how powerful or influential that person may be.
They should really consider redesigning the banner and replace the top caption with "Allah Berikan Kesihatan pada Tuanku" or something similar to that.
I've been a bit morbid lately.Maybe its the Polish President who just died. Maybe it's an accumulation of past thoughts on death. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's Maybelline.


alice said...

The "Allah Panjangkan Umur Tuanku" banner were like EVERYWHERE on the year he celebrated his Golden Jubilee...
much kudos to Perlis I guess, for having the "Allah Berikan Kesihatan Kepada Tuanku" last year...

Death is the irreversible ending of life, and the worse part is that it leaves a heartache no one can heal. It is not very pleasant to ask questions like how did he die? did he show any signs? did you notice anything? sempat mintak ampun tak - saya sempat.


Afiq Deen said...

There are always signs but we shouldn't be reminded of them. I hate how people ask each other weird things the arwah did before his 'untimely' death.

And you would think that the people working for the state rulers of Islam know a thing or two about Islam.

Double Damn.

wickedwarhol said...

myadlan said...

Doa minta panjang umur ni is not relevant for me.

Panjang umur = usia sampai 100 tahun = anak pun takde nak jaga = nyanyuk.. such a bad life.

The best thing is a good life. Wat pe panjang umur kalau hidup merempat/terabai..