The Rafiqin Darwisy Debacle

A 14 year old Rafiqin mocked the late Din Beramboi.
Someone screen captured his FB status.
A hate group was created in Facebook. Kami Benci Rafiqin Darwisy has over 48 000 fans.
Thousands of people are publicly executing this 14 year old boy. Thousands of supposedly level-headed adults.
Vindictive adult netizens are spewing curse words, calls for repent and mocked the living hell out of the 14 year old boy.
We were all 14 once. I'm sure we've said things we regretted. Stupid nonsensical things. I've said things like 'Bodoh ah Su***n ni! Judi sana sini pastu balik dapat duit dari kerajaan!" in front of my family members. They ignored my outburst. Later that evening, an uncle told me think before I say anything about or related to the rulers.
Can you imagine if my aunts and uncles were to react like Rafiqin Darwisy haters?
Well, I can't fathom the thought of them reacting by shouting "Puki mak kau lah pukimak, sedap hati je hina Sultan!" or "Astagfirullah, bertaubatlah saudara, bertaubatlah sebelum dimasukkan ke neraka jahannam." or "Eh, ko orang Islam ke weih? Fuck you lah!"
Tak trauma ke Afiq Deen yang berumur 14 tahun itu?
People make mistakes, especially 14 year old boys.
As like-minded adults, we should react to teenage outbursts with tolerance and patience. What I see now are overly emotional mourners who channel their sadness by tormenting a 14 year old boy because of his silly remarks.
Rafiqin is literally growing up. He is a sponge, absorbing knowledge and traits he sees around him, including adults' reactions to his insensitive FB status. If this quick to judge and Judge Dred-ish public execution attitude continues, he will opt the same way of thinking and will soon...
Oh wait...
Oh yeah..
Oh shit.


Marz Nafri said...

Agree with you...

Anonymous said...

Setuju sangat. It's a cycle of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

sgt setuju.

hamba allah said...

Both sides are wrong. This is issue is so unnecessary but hence it happened, it has to be dealt with.

Rafiqin made a very serious mistake. Even for a 14 years old.

Meanwhile, the hate group approach is very wrong itself.

Rafiqin wrote in full awareness that he angered many people. I doubt that Rafiqin did not know it is wrong to badmouth the dead. He made unclear allegations. Aside from bad jokes, I did not fathom any misdeed by the deceased. Unless Rafiqin knows things we don't. Then again, even if the deceased done terrible things, Rafiqin's words and reactions are uncalled for, in bad taste and in bad manners.

His age is a weak defence. He is already mumaiyiz.

Rafiqin deserved it. He must face his own misdeed. Only then, we can forgive him later.

budak lelaki said...


14thn ke ... 18thn ke ... 41thn ke ... memang semua orang buat silap ... tapi kita di berikan akal untuk berfikir ...

kenapa waktu nak melancap kita boleh berpikir ...

bila kita dah ambil keputusan nak ada FB ... and then kita kenalah bertanggujawab dengan apa yang kita buat ..

ambil contoh kalau kita post gambar bogel .. lepas tue cakap kita bukan GAY ... tapi kenapa perlu ada gambar bogel sambil pegang majalah gay???

PAHAM TAK ? so bagi saya ... tak kira berapa umur kita ... kita kena tahu apa yang kita buat

epul said...

If his pubic hairs grow already, then he suppose to know what he did. But seriously, maki hamun is not a good way of treating this stupid little boy.

If me, I will maki hamun the parents. Hahaha

azuwa said...

umur 14 tahun dan dia patut tahu apa yang betul dan apa yang tak betul.

maybe dia ada problem nak distinguish apa yang betul dan apa yang tak betul walaupun dah berumur 14 tahun.

kalau itu betul problem dia, dia memang boleh dianggap tak bersalah.

I had been 14 once, dan seingat saya melakukan perbuatan seperti ini adalah salah.

ya, org2 yang mengutuk perbuatannya agak melampau. tapi, seperti apa yang terdapat pada komen di atas, probably that would teach him a lesson not to mess with words anymore.

kata-kata itu (samada bertulis atau percakapan) adalah lebih TAJAM berbanding sebilah pedang.


Afiq Deen said...

I think some of you guys misunderstood my blog entry.

He made a mistake and is facing the consequences of his actions.

The issue is the extreme reactions of adults who are supposed to be examples for 14 year olds everywhere.

Anonymous said...

His not 2, his 14!!!! he know what he did but he keeps on doing it..before he kutuk the dead, he might think of the consequences but he wrote it anyway. (mencari publisiti murahan maybe? )

I hate him anyway. I dont blame his parents because his parents might not have a fb or ajar him to do this..he did it on his own will. I hate him. bajet pandai coz dah 14tahun. Kira besar sgt la 14 tahun tu??? sepak skali kang.


Afiq Deen said...

My point exactly : (

azuwa said...

so you think it's better to shut up and mind your own business when a 14 year old kid made such statement publicly??

I mean, c'monla. you can't just ignore.

yes I got what you're saying. but it is expected. the over-reaction is somehow normal. betul tak betul cara itu, let the kid figure out.

apa yang lain boleh buat, cuba untuk membanteras immorality sebegini.

saya doakan supaya dia insaf.

hamba allah said...


I think the extreme reactions are expected. Not only in this country but globally. You make a slip in public, a group of people will take their chance to be angry at you. It happened to Amani before.

You can't put this burden on you to worry too much about it. Some people think it is justified. Just look at some of our MPs, from both sides. Nonetheless, it is very good you make a stand against it.

Like I wrote earlier. Both sides are wrong.

It is very easy to be mad or even crazy at a misdeed. But we can tell whether it really is about the misdeed or their own issues.

Many adults need to have stress/anger management. As if some of the adults took the oppurtunity to use Rafiqin as their punching bag.

Anonymous said...'s just a small matter right?

I dont get it why these things jadi salah satu kepentingan sejagat

there's even a hate page for this kid! OMG! Napalah kita slalu suka benda yang remeh temeh ni.

Terpaksa hati-hati skarang comment FB, atau tulis status. Silap2 ada yang kena tahan polis, kena scrren capture pastu muncul dalam blog gossip.


Afiq Deen said...

I agree.

Kes ni terlalu remeh untuk mendapat liputan sebegini.

Kita tak boleh peduli kata-kata 3 kategori orang dalam Islam:

1. Orang yang tak siuman
2. Orang yang bercakap dalam tidur
3. Orang yang belum baligh

Budak tu belum baligh lagi so buat apa lah nak meng-isukan hal ni? Kalau dah baligh pun mungkin semalam dia mula mimpi basah.

Anonymous said...

Sapa kata isu ini remeh?sama la macam penyakit..let say, kencing manis..mula2 kencing manis biasa..then kalo x bg ubat, dia akan merebak sampai la kaki kena potong..sama la jugak dengan kes rafiqin darwisy ni..kalo orang buat x tau je, ntah hape2 pulak dia akan tulis nnt..

n the prob isss..dia buat kesalahan yang sama BERULANG2..sbb tu la orang marah sangat..masa dia post status yg petama, ada yang marah, ada yg nasihat baik2..kalo marah pn x de la keterlaluan sangat..cuma mungkin tekejut dengan statement budak ni..hey, kalo da kene syarah bagai, dia sepatutnya sedar..ini x, post lagi status yang mmg x bleh blah..nampak sangat nak carik pasal+publisiti..nampak sangat keras kepalanya, degil n nak tunjuk, patut ke dibiarkan??n one more thin, ingat dia nak dengar ke orang bg nasehat elok2..tara orang marah pn dia boleh buat relex..da ugut nak report polis baru taw takut..tau takuuuuttt..

p/s: marah2 saya x de la menyokong orang yang marah+mencarut..

Anonymous said...

i know what mr anonymous atas ni ckp..tak salah menasihati..sebab bila tengok screen capture itu pun ramai yang bagi nasihat

but why the hell putting the screen capture the that gossip cum entertainment blog (you all know which blog is it, right?)and making tremendous attack to him? I think the people who publish the screen capture on the blog is truly stupid too!!!

p/s Facebook is damn weird! My friend dulu ada jadi peminat page orang yang langsung tidak dia kenali, jauh skali celebriti, yang jatuh pengsan and then mati lepas berlari marathon. Aku dah tengok page itu dan the R.I.P man got thousand followers!!! (I still don't understand why people jadik fan dia. Was he look handsome??...snap!..he's already dead la!!!!)

anonymous satu

Blur Boy said...

facebook is a platform for instatnt popularity.....

so , i guess people would do pretty much everything to be popular.* wek*

anyway, i think this issue has gone out of proportion because this kid not only mock the dead, but the statement can be interpreted as also mocking Islam, thus the murtad status * nauzubillah*, or that's what i read from this ustaz on the paper, * please correct me if im wrong*...

im just worried that someother people might be bengong enough to put out another statement like this....

dian said...

memang budak rafiqin tu kurang adab, tapi cara terbaik untuk menangani bukannya dengan menganjurkan hate group kat FB

you are no less than rafiqin dengan cara macam th

they should confront his parents, let them do their part as parents


Afiq Deen said...


Remeh sangat. Gersang gosip ke apa?