I Baru Balik Dari...

I attended the World Girl Guide charity dinner last Thursday. The emcee was Dee, the infamous six foot something cross dresser. After peppering the Sultan of Kedah compliments (and apologies to the PAS Menteri Besar) Dee invited an Elvis impersonator.

When he came up to the stage, the first thing he said was "Saya baru balik dari Perth, Australia.. ada concert disana" He paused for a while. No claps. The audience were mostly Dato', Datins, rich chinese businessmen and sponsors who could afford the expensive seats so traveling to Australia is not much of an achievement for them.

The second act, a diminutive RTM staple singer told everyone that he performed at Las Vegas a few months ago. Like the Elvis Impersonator, he paused for applause. Silly boy-midget.

Then it came to me. I've heard people say things like "I baru balik dari Australia (or any other orang putih countries)" so many times before that I've lost my ability to distinct the expression from the sound of passing cars.

The admission has become a figurative diamond necklace, a status symbol.

It irked me at first but when I really think about it, only 10% Malaysians have gone overseas in their lifetime so the other 90% have the impression that going overseas is a stamp of achievement. Well, some of the 10% bought this way of thinking and reacted by boasting their self-perceived engine-roaring accolade.

Oh well,


Anonymous said...

it is an achievement wat. it's like taking one step higher to an international level.
just like your film got shown in japan, or venice or wherever.

well, some ppl think giving birth / raising a family is an achievement as well. come to think of it, it is one.. in their own personal view.

but then, if you're just going overseas for a holiday, i guess it isn't much to boast about..
it's just like buying a high class car, or getting a handphone upgrade.

but you never knowwww..., maybe these ppl work hard for it and feel that it's an achievement to get a handphone upgrade.?

oh well.

hamba allah said...

Hahahaha! That's sad but true