Yoyooh Blogger Awards

I went to Yoyooh Blogger Awards because I was nominated for three categories. I didn't want to go at first because I was nominated and voted without my approval and I still had my post-AlorSetar 15 kg weight on but my cousin Hariz forwarded a message telling Yoyooh that I'd come.
So I attended the event lah... free food, free dessert, free drinks, count me in lah!
The event was a tad syok sendiri (self-serving) but I was told to blog positively about the event so my official say is that it was intimate, sempoi and the lauk sotong was delicious!
I was practically oblivious to the proceeding of the event (sorrylah yoyooh and its founders) because I was preoccupied with my long lost classmate and the lauk sotong was delicious!
Long story short, I won Best Lifestyle Blog which was funny because my lifestyle in no less enviable than a wandering cow in Delhi. Here's me with fellow winners with a the-lauk-sotong-was-delicious smile.
I was informed that a columnist of Yoyooh won two categories (tu ha yang pakai baju merah tu) "Bukan conflict of interest ke macam tu?" kata pemuda berbaju melayu ungu yang kalah dua kategori. "Tapi takpe..." katanya lagi. "The lauk sotong was delicious!"
I made an effort to 'socialise' a bit with fellow bloggers.
My favourite blogger Alif was there. Dia sempoi giler. I love his work and I think he is paving a new way for Malaysianised cartoon. His latest work will be out in MPH just in time for Raya.
I saw the very self conscious and big-headed (no, he really has a big head!) Qaisy with his low key but celebrity crazed senior Haiqal makan dengan penuh control. Budak MRSM memang kelakar.
Megat Eusofe was the very hyper and self-indulgent photographer. His set of canine teeth flashed even brighter than his camera. Semangat betul mamat ni, memang susah nak percaya he paints for a living.
Diddy, an AF castaway sang. D who? Diddy lah, the lanky untalented singer who really should consider working as a professional gigolo.
The weirdest thing that happened during the event was a poem recitation by a poet with a lisp. He staggered on stage, as if he was experiencing vertigo and accidentally dropped all his stuff on the floor. After half way reciting 'Seluar Dalam' he apologised profusely and rerecited his poem all over again. Maybe he was infactuated with the overly delicious lauk sotong.
I left the event early and karaoke-ed with my friend at Hartamas before going back to the hotel. I was so knackered and the only thing that kept me going through the night was the thought of the delicious lauk sotong.
My friend told me I talked to myself when I was asleep that night, tirelessly repeating "Sedap ek lauk sotong tadi..."


Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

everything's sotong...hehe

btw, congrats afiq!! :)

Mohd 'Azim Kamaruzzaman said...

lauk sotong tu sgt sedap!


wénkt said...

i rasa bersalah tiap kali makan sotong smlm

tapi sedap.


Adie Waridi said...

congrat!btw i tak sempat makan sotongtu...sedap erk...

Lisa Farhana said...

that lauk sotong must be damn sedap for you to be talking in your sleep about it ;D

congrats anyway :))

Lisa Farhana said...

that lauk sotong must be damn sedap for you to be talking in your sleep about it ;D

congrats anyway :))

Mr NAEmnzr said...

CONGRATULATIONS for the award,
n all the best in future: )



Qaisy Jaslenda said...

hahahaha.. I am

but then,
I guess you only 'read' people, not talk to them.
it's not your fault anyway.

oh, btw congrats!

Afiq Deen said...

sedap sgt adie. kalau tak percaya tanya yang bg comment kata sedap tu.

ritz, naem, seperti biasa, kubalasi congrats kamu dengan thank you, ai eprishietid.

whose fault? what fault?

u were all over ziana zain's biggest fan sampai kitorang yang nak jumpe ko pun susah.

Abir Abhar said...


UmiMia said...

Kenapa insensitive sangat dik....macam ni yer rupanya orang yang memang langsung tak hipokrit...sedih akak tengok..

lainkali cubalah berlapik sikit dalam berkata-kata tentang orang lain yer....

tau ini blog awak..awk berhak cakap apa saja...tapi lagi elok kalau kita fahami sensitiviti orang lain...

bukan nak mengajar, cuma nak bagi pandangan

Afiq Deen said...

I'm sorry if i offended anyone in anyway but that's how things are here because

afiqsays is as it is

and so can you!

Adi Luqman said...

very sharp indeed.

congrats anyway.

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

...for being judgmental lah.

Aku cari lepas majlis tapi ko balik awal.

PS. baru paham maksud sambal sotong tuh. lambat sikit. (harap2 tak terlebih paham lah kot)

Afiq Deen said...

haih qaisy lambat plak pick up..

heheheh. rasenye ramai tak perasan pun metafora tu. : P

KutukBina said...

Dear Afiq,

Aiseh, seems like KutukBina is a step back from you since u have publish a critics of the award.

KutukBina also heard that the award was like Syok Sendiri..

But what the crack, wait for my post regarding this whole "im a famous blogger" thing that will be published soon... maybe..

*Pabila KutukBina Mengutuk

Afiq Deen said...

It wasn't intentional. I didn't look for faults. It is what it is.

I don't critisize about everything like you!

As judgemental as I am, I have my boundaries and cursing is where my line stops.

I curse but only for the sake of cursing. But people have their own way to express themselves no? So have fun. have fun kutuk-ing orang!

prebetsabu said...

macam2 hal kan skrg ni...

kita blog utk luahkan perasaan kita sendiri, tapi tu la nak jaga hati semua org yg baca pun susah gak kekadang..

takpe la..

but idea2 ko dalam blog ni ada yang bernas n panas !

keep on blogging!

NUke_Rude said...


KARMINA said...

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