Don't Laaaa....

I heard there's going to be a few political demonstrations regarding ISA. Don't lah like this... I've got to go Low Yat tomorrow. Nanti jam....
Like a typical Malaysian, don't know how to appreciate things when it's still there. If we don't have ISA, surely KLCC will get bombed by Noordin Mat Top you know. So be thankful that our rotten apples were drifted away by Selat Melaka to Indonesia because they know that they cannot survive in Malaysia because we got ISA.
ISA is like US's CIA lah. Powerful, misused and slightly evil but necessary.
I also don't like ISA because I know I will get arrested if I talk bad about Sultans and their family members. I'm a normal human being. I think royal families are normal human beings too. Because we are normal human beings, I simply concluded that we are equals. But that's just me. You guys jangan sedap-sedap jari kutuk Sultan in your comments okay because I will be responsible you know. If I get caught, I will plan my vengeance kaw-kaw.
But seriously, don't la jam up the road. People want to watch cinema, buy camera cable, eat Subway's sandwich and drink Slurpee. I don't want la to get stuck in a jam if you guys degil and still want to demonstrate.
The government is reviewing ISA now what... Of course lah a bit slow. I myself haven't receive my prize money from Jabatan Filem Negara for 2 months already. They all memang slow. And rude. And lazy. What to do... beaurocracy! Makan gaji rabun.
So relax. Don't do anything stupid like demonstrating. I don't think you're stupid for expressing your dissatisfactions. I just think it's stupid to be lead by politicians. They are playing their game of chess and you are their pawns. They're using you only you know. Look at DAP now. You think they are so clean? So rakyat-oriented? They makan-makan at expensive restaurants you know... using your money some more.
You think Anwar Ibrahim is so Islamic issit? Where got! Islamic my foot. If he's not giving his ceramah, he talks like orang puteh you know. He enjoy-enjoy like rich man you know. Of course la you don't know. His deputy also the same. You think he's so alim? Wife also coloured her hair blonde, shopping at Gucci Pavilion. Don't be blind lah. Politics. Poli-tics. Banyak-kutu.
Okay? Don't demonstrate today okay?
If you still do it, I'll sure mengamuk. I'll spread rumours that you demonstrators are spreading swine flu so everyone can cuti quarantine. Nanti when everyone cuti, you'll get punished and be forced to perform a cultural dance during malam merdeka. Baru padan muka!


Moja Amin said...

Don't laa say like that.
Let them do the demonstration lah afiq. Sure got H1N1 bring back home. Serve them right. They bising2 on the street, Anwar Ibrahim watching Astro Channel E somemore at home. Awesome issit?

Come on lah rakyat.
You think you wana shed some kilos tomorrow? better go to PC Fair lah. Dont sesakkan the street. Very the Thailand you know. Not nice. Not nice.

boo said...

who says 'cakap mcm org puteh' is un-islamic?..and sumone not alim just coz they shop at Gucci Pavillion?
wow ,afiq u really suprised me with how lame u sound in this entry..

CarutPelbagaiKaedah said...

entah diorang ni nak pegi demonstration ini ingat macam nak pergi berkelah ditepi pantai..aishsiok ker?
panas..ramai orang..kena siram dengan polis..kena tolak2..kena raba2 silap2..kena demam piggy baru tau.

i love isa..cant live without isa..dont abolish isa..plis..i:bu s:ama a:bah

waiting for gov 'cek' issit?.if u wait sure 'sampai mati' then every day..if u got time..come by their office..make them sick of you. trust me..its worked!

Moja Amin said...


boolshit. :D
bdw, your name stinks.

I Love you anyways. 1 Malaysia!

Eff both sides said...

Buat jam sial kl. Benci la, wtf la the morons. Both sides oso morons. Why la never think using brain mah...

I still don't get it. Both sides are just equally stupid, brainless motherfuckers. And what did we, the rakyat, get? Endless traffic jams. Bloody hell.

agonY_chiLd said...

now u sound like Phua Chu Kang... neway.. great review..

and.. I dont noe meh which side I am... so confusing...

sometimes good can be bad...bad can be evil...haiya..

u suggest meh..

Afiq Deen said...


u suggest lorrh..