Yasmin Ahmad Passed Away?

Latest update:

Yasmin Ahmad collapsed but she's not dead. Her condition is now stable!
I heard an update from her closest friend Ali Mohamed myself and he said that she's doing fine.

Let us put rumours of her being dead to rest.
She is in a state of coma and is now being treated in a hospital at Damansara. Yasmin Ahmad had a stroke and collapsed at Seri Pentas while she was giving a presentation to a crowd of people including Siti Nurhaliza and Khalid Jiwa. An in-house doctor declared her death but she was later revived when she was brought to the specialist hospital at Damansara. She is currently on life support.

What we can do now is to pray for her.

Have a moment of silence and pray for Yasmin Ahmad's recovery.


deepdesign said...

Is it true?? wow u're so early to post this..

Anonymous said...

yasmin jus collapse and NOT dead

Anonymous said...

I can't start crying.
Kill "her" off already. I don't think I can take movies of "Sepet" nature anymore.

Afiq Deen said...

yeah. I got a confirmation already that she collapsed but is now still alive.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous the 2nd, are you mad? Your "England" also rubbish then want to wish people were dead. Siaoooooooow pauuu

Anonymous said...

vernon had corrected his blog entry responsibly!

please check first before you fuck someone!

just my 2-cent worth.

Anonymous said...

filem dia byk menyesatkan umat islam! adalah lebih baik dia mati sblm lebih byk org islam disesatkan oleh fahaman yang salah!!

Afiq Deen said...

Okay, whatever anonymous....

Maghrib ni jom semua orang sembahyang hajat for Yasmin Ahmad's speedy recovery.

That's the least we can do for her.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping there would be no more crap movies like Sepet & such. Why is she on life support?

Afiq Deen said...

so insensitive.

: (

Arv said...

Stupid guy ,anonymous....i belive in ppls opinion and all....but i also know for a fact that God will lahanat u for saying wat u said......and dont think we dont noe ur the same person writing all 6 comments coward !!

riana said...

shame on you too! you were among the first few bloggers to announce her 'death'. so why didn't you check and verify the authencity of your sources as well? go easy the next time you criticise others, yeah. ;)

Afiq Deen said...

So ppl can come here and get clarifications.

Its not the time to point fingers Riana, just pray and pray and pray for her speedy recovery

Helmi Razali said...

Im so oblivious about this. And i think it's rather terrible for those anonymous ppl to simply wish for someone else's death. To condemn her movies as menyesatkan, is kinda extreme. I do believe, that some non-muslims have became more open about islam, and wanted to learn the religion more after she made Muallaf. Come on, we can't simply discredit her of her good works.

I hope she'll fully recover. Amin.

Anonymous said...

"vernon had corrected his blog entry responsibly!

please check first before you fuck someone!

just my 2-cent worth."

i'm the one who wrote the above comme and a different anonymous. not the same who wished she is dead! that one anonymous should be laknat by Allah. not me.

i totally agree with riana. but hey, having to said this, you're true also afiq, that no point of pointing fingers. what's done is done. just be more careful next time yah.

really appreciate it you removing the remark on vernon. thanks.

let us all pray for her recovery. insyaAllah...

Aleza said...

To Anononomynus (deliberately)....GROW UP!!! Stop being a maroon will ya. Manusia apa kamu ni? Who are you to lahnat people...you sure do need loads of self-reflection or maybe he is just a 9 year old kid...terlepas dari genggaman ibunya. Yang kurang agama is you kot. Pergi baca balik muqadam kamu...ish ish ish. Rotan baru tau.

sHiKa said...

i have a feeling that she went to some place during her comma period..where Allah shows her how bad her movies are to the religion..and thus, tells her the right things to do using her talent..

i dont really heart her movies..but i really hope she'll gain her conscious soon..really2 soon..amin~

Afiq Deen said...

everyone is entitled to their opinions.

You mean to Islam, Shika? Alot of people think so too but honestly, her perspective of Islam transcends how our melayu culture adapted Islam. It is more universal, more widescope and more virtuous. Futhermore, love binds all these elements together.

Your understanding of Islam is different than hers like mine to a muslim next to me. There is never a right Islam. But Islam is always right. Human beings however, are flawed and their understanding of Islam is also flawed.

So what right do we have to judge other people's understanding of Islam?

sHiKa said...

yes afiq, i mean islam.
i didnt mean to judge her work, but i think i have the rights to critic them rite...that are masterpieces for..to be criticized.

Please, dont get me wrong, i understand her intention to show how universal our religion is.and i awed her for that. but i just dont agree her way of showing it.

eg. in gubra, there are intimate scenes of the married couple which actually acted by the person who are not legally bond (amani n adlin)..this scene had made one of my chinese friend asked me: "bole ke orang melayu pegang2 macam tu? mereka kan tak kahwin in real world?".Luckily i managed to answer him,hiding my flabbergasted reaction..Then he said "owhhh.." which deep down i know he still has doubt on that..malu jugak la time tu

i know that most shows now have such acts, but in yasmin's just seem not appropriate as shes putting universal in religion as one of the main themes..perhaps she can produce something better with less of such questioning scenes..

*islam is a universal religion* i've heard it somewhere..oh ya! UNGS...pftt~

Afiq Deen said...

yeah UNGS. I for one took that statement to heart.

You know what I will do that is not Islamic shika? I will make a film where a muslim character kills ppl for sheer fun.

That's unIslamic and questionable too, is it not?

sHiKa said...

do what ever u feel to do, afiq...n all the best for u.

prepare to answer all the WHYs from ur children later, coz i've had heard so much from my little students.

Innalillah to allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad.

Afiq Deen said...

it is life no? to attain answers. There is no definite solution in anything.

films are meant to entertain people. what astounds me is how malaysians are so used to physical and sexual violence shown on tv that there are aversed to showcase of love, understanding and tolerance.

and yet, I bet your students still think its disgusting for adlin and armani to make out on screen (as husband and wife).

I personally think you're selective in your sense convention and that gives out a hint of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

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