Mat Rempits and Drag Queens Banned


Mat Rempit and transvestite will soon be missing from Malaysian movies and television as instructed by the Communication and Culture Ministry.

Does this mean movies like Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire will be banned?

When will Grandpa Rais Yatim realise that surpressing a negative influence will only make it more popular and desirable or be subtituted with something even worse?

When will Grandpa Rais Yatim realise that these negative sub-cultures can only be prevented by introducing and encouraging a positive counter culture?

When will Grandpa Rais Yatim realise that he is not fit for the job? He is too old-fashioned to understand today's youth.

We don't need a Grandpa to tell us what we can and cannot watch. We already have other Grandpas and Grandmas in Lembaga Penapisan Filem who banned scenes like the pointing of gun to the head and the open display of armpits.

Even though we have no say on the decisions made be these Grandpas and Grandmas, I guess we have time on our side. We'll just wait till they die and pass the torch to the Uncles and Aunties.

Unfortunately they bred the Uncles and Aunties to think like them so it won't make a difference.

And then they complain about how kids nowadays like to follow western influences.
When Grandpa banned Porn, we made 3GPs. When Granpa banned malay Hantus, we watched Korean Hantus. When Grandpa banned excessive violence, we buy Unrated Rambo 3 in 1 set DVD at Pasar Malams.

When Grandpa banned Mat Rempits and Mak Nyah from appearing in television, there will be more Mat Rempits and Mak Nyah that we don't need to turn on our television to see them anymore. We will have Rempit kids and Mak Nyah nephews living in our homes!

What will Grandpa ban next? Hip hop artistes who raps about women? I would like to see Grandpa giving his grandson Caprice The Talk.
Thank You Grandpa for your priceless Wisdom!


Aqmal said...

You can't prevent sub-cultures that are already prevalent. Not even with with positive counter cultures.

I did not know that Mak Nyah's were a negative sub-culture. Heaven's no, hide the children and confused teens.


Anonymous said...

Eh, bodoh benar la kau ni, benda tu sah-sah merosakkan minda. Aku rasa kadang-kadang, aku pun nak terikut-ikut juga dengan paparan negatif di televisyen.

Grandpa hotak kau. Orang dah bagi benda baik nak majukan Malaysia kau pergi bantah.

At least ini bukanlah kontra Islam Hadhari. Hadhari konon.

Afiq Deen said...

Counter cultures is in itself prevalent. There will always be a sense of contrary even within a close knitted community.

Lisa Farhana said...

who put Grandpa in charge in the first place?

Afiq Deen said...

are you under the impression that Malaysian only watch Malaysian programmes and movies Anonymous? If that is so, than what you suggest is plausible.

Tapi orang malaysia ada pilihan. Yang minat cerita aksi, kita nak tengok cerita melayu dengan aksi motor-motor berlumba pada kadar 40km/j atau cerita hollywood yang berlumba selaju kelajuan bunyi?

The Black Bar!! said...

surpressing a negative influence will only make it more popular and desirable or be subtituted with something even worse. thats correct but
i agree with the minister those negative influence must be restricted as much as possible or prohibited...
try lives in indonesia where everything is under the name of democracy.. they even hv a reality show about transvestite n a story on why they becoming mak juz like to justify a sin..
but what is missing is that ministry should educate people why they restricted on something so that people will not get confuse or feel being surpress..
same goes why adams try to eat the apple.. becoz god only prohibit him from doing so but never tell him why...
its shows dat humans temptation and desireble are hard to restrict no matter what...
but the only thing we can do are try to support for everything that had been done for the good of alls..

p/s: sorry for my english...btw luv ur writing bro..hahah