Birthday Yang Dah Ber-Carat.

Haleem, a fine dine enthusiast who also happens to be my senior schoolmate invited me to have dinner with him to celebrate my birthday (eventhough its more or less a month late) He brought me to C Club, an extension of a renowned jewelry line Carat Club. So its a restaurant and a jewelry exhibition gallery. Genius!

I was told that C Club specialty is its champagne and even though Haleem persuaded me that champagnes do not usually make people drunk, I insisted on drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. I don't think he knows that I have a very high tolerance for alcohol. Must've been the Listerine I purposely drink everyday before I go to school.

I decided to order a non-alcoholic drink with the strangest name. Behold, this, ladies and gentleman, is the Virgin Bruce Lee.

Even though the thought of its name conjured images of braised human limbs and sun dried eyeballs, the real deal tasted like a subtle lychee-strawberry-coconut fusion. I couldn't see or taste anything that might resemble Bruce Lee. But then again I wouldn't know. I've never tasted Bruce Lee before.

While I was drinking the liquid remains of Bruce Lee, I saw our first galactical tourist, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor smoking cigarette with who I assume is his well scultped girl friend. They looked very intimate together. Let this revelation rest rumours about him being gay. Even my gaydar didn't tick.
This is a very traditional looking salad with poached cucumber, tomato and solanum melongena aka terung served with cream cheese. Emmm... Cheeeeese.....

Fried shrimp and cuttlefish:

I have an unrelentless thirst for anything pasta, I think I've eaten over 30 types of pasta already including Pasta Ikan Masin at Thailand with Uncle Lan. I ordered Pasta Bottarga with an excessive topping of parmesan cheese. Emmm... Cheeeese......

Pelik la dunia ni, bila nak diet, ada orang belanja makan. It seems like my death is destined to be caused by high blood pressure, stroke or diabetes.

Qada' and Qadar, apa nak buat?

It was great night to be having dinner with a lost & found friend who I used to lepak with for hours on end back in highschool. He made it clear that that night was my night but kept making jokes about how I think everything revolves around me.

I get it lah, you smirking cup of tease.
That's me pretending to blow the candle (which explains why the flame looks stagnant) Don't give me that look, everyone does it.

But the highlight of the night was my name on the rectangular plate. The chef spelled my name the way I secretly like my name to be spelt.

Notice the capital Q. Chef C Club ini psychic!



Ekekeke! Rest on Dr Sheikh and Awaken on afiQ....

Qadar dah tahu = kadar dia a gazillion calories to be burnt at the rate of 400 calories per haour walking.

Qadha' pun dah tahu= macam qadha' solat subuh... boleh postpone...

hahaha (So don't blame Q & Q on Him)

KakaXY said...

so its AfiQ or afiQ?
now u got me confused..

Afiq Deen said...

AfiQ boleh afiQ pun boleh but afiq will suffice lah!

Ejay said...

ur face nmpk mcm dah bulat sket.. hehehe. tp still cute la *wink*

tia said...

owh tidak................sedapnyer...i wish i could be your stomach.....cuz..i love to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!