I'm Sorry

I found out that some people took offence with what I recently wrote. I checked out my referrals at nuffnang and came across this:
Afiq says in his blog that my winning for 2 awards ala2 conflict of interest….ai shall pass this to yoyooh.com to answer congratulations Afiq, akak ingat, ai went to mengadap you to congratulate you. btw, yes ai m famous wt anything in red, but it s nice if you would say RM or redmummy.com . kan….? n condeming somone yang istimewa seperti Pyanhabib adalah tidak molek … we can have a karaoke session coz we tot we have a nice voice but someone is struggling to survive with his unique voice…appreciate someone’s effort coz sambal sotong yang kita makan sesedap tuh, adalah dari hasil usaha and berkat mereka yang bekerja. not just having a free meal
With a stinging comment by Ajami.
agaknya kalau terlebih mkn sotong boleh nyebabkan org jadi ‘bodoh+sombong+takbur’ kot???

fyi, salah satu mende yg aku belajar dr blogging ialah terlebih cuba ‘memandai-mandai’ bercerita perihal org lain boleh menjadikan tulisan kita ‘paling bodoh’ bila tersilap fakta kerana membongkar ‘kebodohan kita sendiri’.. lalala!
Macam mana ni Afiq?
I didn't condemn the guy with the lisp. Sila ulang baca. Baca ulang. Ulang baca. Notice that I wasn't politically incorrect in any way. I was being professionally journalistic, noting an event as it is. Save your preaching for your sleep deprived children, Lady in Red. (One of my favaourite songs: Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh)
I don't mind people gloating in their own blogs but I'm not required to mention people's blogs or names am I? Taking offence for my lack of acknowledgement of your fame is plain silly, especially when you're not THAT famous. Example:
Statistically famous bloggers: Kenny Sia, Melayu
Minimalis, Xiaxue
Self-delusion based famous blogger: Lady in
And as for Ajami's comment, he could've just give me a piece of his mind in my blog but he prefers to dish it out at some other place where I'm usually not around. In simpler terms, this is what we call mengumpat or backbiting.
This Ajami guy is considerably old so I expected him to have some tact on how to react to things that might offend him but as it seems, he's not capable of showing his age through his actions. Maybe he thinks its awet muda to rant insensibly like a young person.
This is why I didn't want to go in the first place Hariz. Because there are many old judgemental cretins yang 'gila-glamour+perasan-baik+kononnya-educated' tapi 'rasa pandai bila mengejek orang lain' yang membongkar 'bertapa hipokritnya diri sendiri' tapi akan menyanyi riang sesudah puas hati mengumpat.


wénkt said...


jangan gaduh2

* go afiq go *

Helmi Razali said...

firstly, congratulation.
Secondly, setuju dgn wenkt, hopefully this thing tak jadi teruk. Maybe kena settle face-to-face baru boleh clear the air.


I'm not here to read an ..


Get over it and move on... Maybe they should realise that is the persona of afiqsays.blogspot.com I'm not here to an apologetic Afiq.

Unless Afiq nak berbaik-baik dan nak menang next year nyer Yoyooh... you can always give in...

cool said...

lady in red is just bull.ive read her blog..i just dont get it,all she talks about there is how glammed up her life is,nothing more..she;s just another bimbo i guess..
your blog is like a gazzillion times better.i like how u deal with real issues n real journalism

tia said...

relax afiq.
chit,mende ni pown ley jadi issue ke?
grown up la sikit.
isk isk isk.

wénkt said...

rileks la afiq
i (kitaorang) anjurkan program macam ni utk kita jmp ramai2

i know majlis tak sesempurna or tak sehangat anugerah lain, my (our) budget pun rendah.

tapi normal la as a blogger,
A tulis pasal B, B tulis pasal A.


* go afiq go *

Afiq Deen said...

yeah, culture shock kot because they've never been to my blog.

and the same goes to me. i'm not used to ppl using personal attack to people they've already met. its like bad mouthing a friend or some sort.

you guys did a great job la wenkt. yoyooh is a pioneer in gathering bloggers under one roof. so kudos!!!

amboi tia, dah habis siri novel tween-lit Twilight?

kheirul said...

ayoyo.. releks....

jangan gado-gado...

saya kalah gaks.. tapi relax aja..
tapi saya menang dalam bergambar.. so kalu nak tengok gambar pi cucuk kat http://sawanila.com .. hehehe

senyum sokmo...

encikSEDAP.com said...

Afiq says it as it is... the quote says it all... ;)

Ajami Hashim said...

Salaam dik..

alamakkk! nama pakcik di-quote rupanya! huhu!.. hey! apakata u dtg join prev SETEM ptg nih @ GSC Tropicana City Mall pukul 8pm.. boleh kita borak2 pjg..

keep on blogging dik! ;-)

Anonymous said...


she's just too over sensitive~

Afiq Deen said...

don't call me dik. Afiq would be just nice. Is it free? If it's free, nak pergi!

tia said...

dah abes baca..
tapi speed reading.
gila dahsyat pnuya speeeeeeeeeeeeeed

sultanmuzaffar said...

yoyooh is a pioneer in gathering bloggers under one roof. so kudos!!!

salah nih. gengjurnal dah buat sejak tahun 2000 lagi.

petaling street project around 2004.