Babu the Short Film

Ritz commented that the short story I wrote makes a good short film. I thought so too.
So I am going to make this short film. I'm currently writing the script and getting feedbacks about the idea. I like the idea that ingenious wisdom that changed your life forever often came from familiar characters, people you see everyday. Sometimes we tend to objectify them, without realising that they hold with them great wisdom.
Now I need actors:
  1. A malay child actor (age 8-10)
  2. The child's mother (or aunt)
  3. A real Babu
I will look for the Babu myself but I need your help to find me a good child actor. He doesn't have to be an actor, just an adorable boy with a hint of intelligence. He has to has an intelligent set of eyes.
Call me up if you find such a boy while I'm off to scout for the Babu!


Penapenis said...

gud luck! looking forward to watch the output!


Make sure you get your whereases and wherefores correct when dealing with a minor. Disclaimers and Rights and whatnot.

Adalah architect sorang ni menghantui law library nanti... hehehe

linda m said...

get that boy from syurga cinta..he's adorable,smart for a boy and fun to watch!.
i think he's one of the best child actors i've ever seen on screen.
gudluck with the short film..

shamel said...

Babu umur bpe taun lak? Aaaahh mahu jd babu. Daymn, I wish. Tp ape nak buat..jauh!

Afiq Deen said...

ko org india ke shamel? aku rasa tidak. hehe.