Don't Tell Anyone But...

I've always wanted to fetch you your coffee so I can eavesdrop on you brilliance.

I've always wanted to poke you in your facebook knowing that that's the only way I can irritate my big boss and still walk around the office, alive.

I've always wanted to purposely drop all my things when I bump into you so I can make you mad hence be automatically obligated to make you more coffee.

I've always wanted to stand on your way when you're directing so you'll shout "Oi budak, ketepi!" and gesture me to get the fuck away from the camera.

I've always wanted to get you to notice that I'm good in drawings so you can ask me to sketch storyboards probono.

I've always wanted to greet you with a jingly "Manakam mamaji!" with my right thumb up like in Alagapas ads in the early years.

I've always wanted to show you how I can eat like a pig and stay thin like a gazelle and make sure you don't know that I work off the calories when you're not looking.

I've always wanted to plant myself wherever you're at and volunteer to get rid of mosquitoes in your office. I will kill the mosquitoes slowly. With chopsticks.

I've always wanted to learn from the best. You are the best. I want to learn from you.

I've always wanted to join Leo Burnett so I can do all these things, no matter how creepy and specific it may be.
Don't tell anyone but....

I've always wanted to be you.


fizi said...

afiq, now u sound scary =(

tia said...

dia director yang bagus, sangat suka pada dia..amat terkejut bila dengar dia diserang strok..macam tak percaya je..sangat sedih kalau ada pape jadi amcam dia..
tak pernah ada director yang pernah buat cerita sebagus dia..
dia bukan pengarah yang stereotype..dia sangat genius.
minta-minta hari ini dia ok.
kalau dia takde..
filem malaysia akan jadi bosan.
harap dia OK!

peminat kecil said...

dia seorang yg baik.mungkin terbaik.tak pernah kenal dia secara personal. tetapi peribadinya aku kenal dari felem2 dia. doaku semoga dia sedar dari emergency rest nya itu.

Afiq Deen said...

Sorry fizi for scaring u. She's the best. I want to learn from her. Afiq harap harap sgt ada miracle tg bg dia bgn...


shoulda woulda coulda

Moja Amin said...