A Wing and a Prayer

I'm currently seeking Leo Burnett's internship programme. I'm convinced that that's the place I'll devote myself to learn and explore my passion for communication design. I know I'm an architecture student but my passion trascends my studies. Every lecturer, every student I came in contact with knows that. I'm described as a torch bearer who still has his torch flamed but running away from the prescribed direction. I know where I'm heading, they do not. I'm heading towards you, Leo Burnett with my fire undying and eternal like my urge to eat nasi kandar Penang.
I'm heading towards you.
I'll be sending my resume today. I need a lot of prayers. It's not hard to do guys. Just sit back and mutter to yourself "I hope Afiq gets Leo Burnett's internship..."
It's that simple.
Please please please say a prayer or two to yours truly.


mlle said...

Are you going to intern in the States or in other regions's head office?

Wish you all the best! I pray for you :)

tia said...

walawei, macam cool je leo burnet..
tadi i google leo burnett.
wow..gial ar..client dia petronas, dutch lady..sime darby..chit, sangat hebatlah anda..advertising company.
gila kentang.
lupa baru antar resume..
good luck!

Afiq Deen said...

thanks mlle. I really need those strong prayers of yours right now. I've always been told to never expose my ambitions and goals to other people because they will not respond by praying for me but will doubt and pray against my wishes, that in every 1 positive prayers there are 5 negative ones.

But I personally think that 1 prayer is powerful enough to overcome the 5 notions of failures because I can only eat good apples and not the rotten ones.

Terima kasih tia. I need a lot of that!

HanaKimi said...

Gud Luck Bro(^^)