I went to SHOUT Awards yesterday. I initially thought that it was the first Award Show handled in english but I was later informed that it was the third. You see, english awards are always short-lived because they don't usually get the expected coverage, which means the sponsors don't get much air time.

I don't blog about award shows that I attended because I usually get VIP seats from friends and family but this time, I got a VVIP seat! The law of relativity dictates that this award show takes the cake and the next time I'll be blogging about award show will be about me winning an award. Hint hint. I was seated with celebrities. In front of me was Jaclyn Victor, Nikki, Rashidi and his wife Vanida and loads of familiar faces.

Beside me was Zarina anak pontianak with his boyfriend Caprice. She was extremely chatty and I joined in her conversation once in a while. I was witholding the fact that I'm Afiq from Afiqsays because I famously kutuk-ed her in my James Bond Malaysia entry (it was published in a tabloid magazine!). I know she knows but she doesn't know that I know she knows.

Behind me was Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry's goddess-like legs. I can confirm to you that her legs are made of chocolate and gold with honey glazing. He boobs however are yesterday's Paus.

The seat I was in was like a tanning salon. Every 10 minutes, a flash of bright light will glare over my glistening blue baju melayu, leaving me squinting like a dazed ostrich. It was like "The winner of Shout Award bla bla bla is.....

*Lampu gila babing*

All the other celebrities will pat the winners on the back, shake their hands and congratulate them with generous smiles but the moment the winners make their speech...
They terus lost interest!
I can't blame them for being so self-absorbed. They make a living out of people recognizing them so when another person gets a huge chunk of attention, it is like losing a substantial share in a their business to somebody else. So of course they don't care. Of course they don't give a damn. Of course they will suck up to the winners and get back at them somehow. Dendam Membara.
The most memorable win was Upin and Ipin's. Hmm... Betol betol betol!
It got more interesting after the show when the celebrities and young social elites mingled. There were three types of people that hung about after the award show:
There were the untouchable elites.
They are not literally untouchable lah. These people are heavy duty corporate figures who made the event happen. They hung out at secluded areas and talked about business like you and me talk about food. Business is their food.
And then there were celebrities on the rise and established media people.
These people mingled in flocks. The constantly relied on catalyst to spread their networking. Berpusu-pusu diorang masuk guest hall to grab a drink and furiously throw their name cards to other people's pockets. They were all like X-Men's Gambit without the southern accent and a cool tongkat. Aspiring actors and actresses, with the guidance of their managers of course, tangoed through the whole crowd with NASA efficiency.
And not forgetting the celebrity Wannabes.
Most of the Wannabes were people dying to get into the fashion scene. They dressed up provocatively, hoping for a celebrity to point out "That's hot" for them to launch D'Jelita or Chantique. I've no eye for fashion and never bothered to pronounce Mouboussin correctly but I still think that the guy/girl in the picture has a whack sense of style.
I'm talking about the guy in the kain pelikat miniskirt over a overstretched spandex. Stylo kah itu???


carutPK said...

Mouboussin = "ma/o buh son"..there i said it..lulus tak?

p/s: i still can imagine u in black t and a cargo khakis at bilal.

Afiq Deen said...

I know laaaa.. i just cant be bothered to pronounce it correctly.

andrea C said...

just in case ur wondering why people dont really comment on your entries... they are so well written that we're afraid that we will end up making ourselves look stupid.

and because u answer peoples comments. So many people consider you a genius (i'm not kidding) so we don't want to look stupid. I mean... who can write with so much depth at 22???!!!! and makes videos that Yasmin Ahmad likes!!!!! and win loads of awards!!!! at 22!!!!!!!

You make me look like a loser Afiq!!!!

Afiq Deen said...

whaaaat? I don't mind people not commenting, as long as they read my entries. my ego's good the way it is, no inflation needed.

i've an average of 500 unique visitors a day. i'm alright with that!

BasH said...

yeah,was here...was my 1st award show ever attndd n also the last 1 ..LOL..

Adrian said...

I love this post when the Real Wannabe was labeling others as wannabe when he does not admit he is jealous. Just because you sat at the VVIP seats does not mean you can simply judge him. He is my friend (oh btw he is also one of the VVIP and decided to hang out with us rather than with the "celebrities")

The Idan said...

Hey honey, you're not some fashionista, or a fashion editor, to give me such compliment, unless you are one of them. You know nothing about fashion and you have no sense on art and styling just zip it, I wear crazy style and stuff, ALWAYS. So what? PLUS, overstretched spandex??? Hello?! Please don't simply tell me what I'm wearing because you don't know what i'm wearing and you simple say that i'm wearing a spandex?. like HELLO? At least i have a statement. Okay! Do you have one?
What i could say is, "Malaysian" people nowadays are LACK of Fashion sense. I'm not a wannabe and "dying to get into the fashion scene" because I'm already in it.
I could just go for the after party, but i could not been bother about it. Please don't make a rubbish statement. Zip it please! ZIP IT!

p/s: You're not Perez Hilton! but you sounds like one. So, are you "Perez Wannabe"

Bitch From Hell! said...

Shout Award as kinda boring anyway,it went streotype and cliche, no gimmick or at least i was hoping the organizer can show some creativeness behind the so-called trendy and fab logo.

And it became more worst when it was filled with people like you, and those s0-called celebrities who think they are famous. Zarina who? rashidi who? afiq who??

Somehow thanks to Tony Fernandes (altho for a few seconds appearance( upin & Ipin and Sean kingston (altho he can sing live). i would say they are the 'penyelamat' of the event.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! Shout Award was BORED to hell! I don't even bothered about it because it was nothing! Nothing big actually. I don't see anything here that you have to be proud of. You just took some blur and pix elated pictures from the so called awards and this? You're proud to be with just few Celebrities? Come on! I've seen things better than this.

Sabinjciq said...

I love this post when the Real Wannabe was labeling others as wannabe when he does not admit he is jealous. Just because you sat at the VVIP seats does not mean you can simply judge him. He is my friend (oh btw he is also one of the VVIP and decided to hang out with us rather than with the "celebrities")