The March of the DUN

I was browsing Adam's blog and came across a video of the Perak DUN fiasco. I've heard of it but never watched the fiasco with my own eyes.

After a few minutes of watching the youtube video, I cried.

I'm not sure why I shed a few tears. Maybe it was because I was extremely embarrassed by our selected leaders choice of behavior.

Maybe it the display of disrespect and discontentment is just beyond me.

Maybe I cried because of its shear beauty. Yes, the fiasco was beautiful. It shows how inhumane human beings can become. Well dressed men were flapping their arms in unison while screeching their ritual mating song. One prominent male Dun throws an offering of RM50 to a female Dun to impress her. The female Dun took offence and threw a beautiful fit. The de-throning of the king of Duns was a sight to behold as the opposition colony waddled their way to bar the king from their new-found territory.

Then I remembered the last time I cried when I witness a remarkable spectre of nature. It was when I watch The March of the Emperor Penguin, you know the part when the panguins performs their seasonal ritual fight to get a mate.

You've got to watch the documentary yourself to know what I mean but it looks vaguely like this:

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