Cerita Hantu: Pilot

I was experimenting with this idea of having series of horror parody. For half an hour we made fake blood, messed up the bathroom and covered Nisa with bedak. And then we spent 5 minutes shooting random scenes. Very random scenes. I mean, have you seen anyone who brush their teeth after taking a dump? And why is the main character going out of the house to go to the toilet?

The finished pilot lacked climax, gore and eerie angles. And I should've asked the Hantu Lift to open the shut elevator doors and desperately chase after the guy. And there should be a dead body in the bathtub!

Shoulda coulda woulda...

But after finishing this so-called Pilot, I have a better idea of how to write and direct parody scenes. Anyway, there're plenty of blood to make hematophobics cringe. It's not funny yet but I'm betting that the upcoming Cerita Hantu: Desperate Houseghosts will be make you laugh your heart out, literally.

Cerita Hantu: Pilot


Coming Soon:

Cerita Hantu: Desperate Houseghosts


Qarl said...

hey afiq..

is it true dat jaafor onn is one of d influntial actor in msia??


good attempt btw!

Afiq Deen said...

It's a joke. I just think he's scary. Yes you read me right. I am afraid of Jaafar Onn!

Anonymous said...

now i know why my toilet has red spots i couldn"t wipe off. Someone s allowance is seriously in trouble.

uncle lan

Dammit said...

part jaafar onn tu paling scary. haha nice one.

Afiq Deen said...

Alamak! (kantoi)

Anonymous said...

...the most influential actor"S"?

Afiq Deen said...

betul ape my grammar. Afiq dah check.

Anonymous said...

suspends + funny..good job..=)