Trailer - 4 Peringkat Ajal

I just realized that I don't really blog anymore. I tell jokes, write funny stories, show my videos and that's about it.

I'm currently busy writing 4 Peringkat Ajal script for a short film competition. It's my first short film with a script, dang!

You know I love writing but it gets overwhelming at times when it comes to writing a script and I'd to retrace my steps to keep my story from going out of control.

I know for a fact I won't win the judges' heart with my aesthetics because I'm using a normal handycam. And I also won't be able to wow the judges with special effects because I'm using an outdated laptop. What I can do to make them go ballistic is by coming up with a totally original concept in a genre that is basically non-existent in Malaysia!

4 Peringkat Ajal is a thriller-action short film with loads of surprises and twisted edges. It can even be considered experimental in a sense. And most of my friends who read the script told me that I may get in trouble with JAIS, JAWI or JAKIM. But what the hell.... I'm doing it anyway.


Helmi Razali said...

man, you're creative. good luck man. Student gak ek?

Afiq Deen said...

what's the dilly yo!

Haah, 4th year architecture student.

Puteri said...

Seen the trailer and looking forward to check out the script yo!

ps: may get in trouble w JAIS, JAWI or JAKIM?

Oooh, controversial. I like.


J said...

I remember three years ago when i asked you about architecture, you mentioned that taking archi can lead you to so many things, including being a film director.

Hmm.. Afiq, afiq...

SleepingBeauty said...

I miss your writings.

Good luck in the competition :)

Afiq Deen said...

Thanks Sleeping beauty. : )

Hehe... thanks jannah and puteri for participating in this short film. I wont let you guys down, I promise!

nab said...

afiq, I'm really looking forwad to see your short film. first impression, not bad at all. and yes, I loike controversy! it gives the spice element! bonne chance!