Empty Lecture Room

Dina inverted her thick lips, pouted them out and pursed them back to their usual position. Her lips, laquered with magenta, the centerpiece of her whole face is slightly quivering. Maybe it's cold. Maybe I made her nervous. Maybe my...
"Why is your d so long?" She enquired.
"It has always been that way, Dina." I answered with a slight tint of red on my cheeks.
"Since when?"
"Since I was about 14 I guess." I answered without looking at her face.
"But it's so unusual, so different. I've never seen such a thing before?" I finally had the courage to look at her oval ebony face. She's Sudanese. Maybe Sudanese are different? Maybe mine is just very unique. "And your b, it's dangling lower than everyone else's I'd seen so far.."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. And you better finish up before Dr. Zuraida comes into the lecture room." Dina took out her cell and flipped it in and out. She's nervous, I could tell.
"You're not making me finish up any faster Dina. Maybe you can help out.."
Her facial expression shouted "I thought you'd never ask!" She put her cell back into her handbag, made sure the door is close so no one could come in unnoticed and grabbed my pen....
"Dina! I was in a middle of..."
"I know, I just want to make sure you finish up before she comes back in."
"She's forty something.. I'm sure..."
"Not another word. Yours are for people of experience Afiq! Dr Zuraida is too young to understand this!"
"But what?"
"Dr. Mahathir, Fidel Castro and Tony Blair writes in cursive!"


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Note: The angle of the dangle corresponds to the heat of the m**t

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ok whats dangling?..and d?...b?...afiq..wtz goin on?....u did it with her kah?

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