Going Gandhi

My car was summoned twice this week. Both of the tickets were for parking at a staff parking lot. Was it my fault though?

Yes and no.

YES because I DID parked at a staff parking lot because there were no available student parking lot. NO Because all the student parking lots were occupied by cars with no student stickers.

This is where it gets ridiculous. Why should I, a student with a student sticker pay for a offence only made possible by drivers who have no student stickers? Shouldn't they be fined instead but they weren't because they had no car stickers.

The IIUM security is indirectly telling me that I'm a viable offender if I obey the university rules and get myself a student sticker.
I'll be going all Gandhi with this. I'm going to clear all my fines WITHOUT paying a single cent and bring about a light of reason into this injustice.
I just hope they'll put their flags down before I put mine up.

"They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me- then they will have my dead body, not my obedience." - Mahatma Gandhi.


blitzizni said...


Qarl said...


d same thing happened to me before..

dont worry laaa

someoneyouvenevermet said...

same thing happened to my sister last sem. (amik law n last sem was her final sem)

It was her final exam..The parking lot was empty..just a few cars parked randomly at kaed's parking lot.

She parked at a students parking area so was her friend who parked right beside my sisters car. After exam her car kena clamped but kereta sebelah tak kena.

The stupid part is there was like 8 cars je kat the parking lot..The security guard clamped 2-3 je...yang lain tak. bodoh kan? x make sense....

Danny said...

hmm.. if you think it's worth it... go for it ":)

but allow me to share with you this quote taught by my sifu

"it's not about winning all the battles, it's about winning the war in the end"

Szakif said...

you fight for it!

Afiq Deen said...