4 Peringkat Ajal: Coming Soon

4 students over the past 4 years

died after after knowing that they have

4 weeks to live 4 days after they entered campus.

People talk, oh they talk alright. Gossips, blog, flyers.

Now told in 4 different perpectives,

4 different styles of story telling.

"Korang nak dengar satu cerita tak?"

There will be constructive screening this Sunday. What I mean by constructive is that you guys could give your opinion and criticism so I could tweak some of that peeps magic before I send it to the organizer.

I think that's fine way to improve my work (in the last minute), no? With constructive criticism.


mlle said...

can't wait for ur (first?) short film :)

btw i link u on my blog so that i can follow ur posts more often.

nice blog, great mind and talent, keep it up, up, and away~

SleepingBeauty said...

I love the story line. I love the opening statement.

"Korang nak dengar satu cerita tak?"

Sounds like a horror movie je. hehe. Can't wait to watch it.

And good luck! Again! :D