Get Paid to Advertise AfiqDeen

Hi guys! Afiq Deen here. I have a proposition for you. I want you to advertise my site and get paid.

It's quite simple. You can paste a link or a picture link on your blog and if you're the highest referrer of the week, you'll get RM10. If you're the highest referrer of the month, you'll get RM50. If potential clients who hired me for a job and you're the one responsible for informing them about my service, you will get 10% of my service charge to the clients. So if I was to be paid RM1500, you'll get RM150. To put it simply:

RM10 - highest referrer of the week

RM50 - highest referrer of the month

10% of service charge - responsible for referring my service to a client.

What you have to do is to link my site in your site or blog. If you think that promoting the link will make more people to visit my site, by all means!

When can you start? You can start now! Just paste the link to your blog or site and I'll start monitoring the visits coming from your blog. If you're the highest referrer of the week or month, I will promptly ask for your bank account number to deposit your payment.

When a client get in contact with me, I will ask he/her where she gets her info from and if he/she responds to your blog, you are entitled to 10% of my service charge.

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