Demonstrasi Anti-Israel

You know I'm not a fan of the zionist regime. Just a few hours ago, the Israeli army shot a mother and her three young children with an armored tank.

After Jumaat prayers at KLCC mosque, I joined a student demonstration and walked 3km to the Egypt embassy to support the delivery of a memorandum. The memorandum stressed on Egypt's responsibility as an Islamic state to open its border to allow occupation victims to run for safety and to allow medical help to be brought in into Palestine. FRU and policemen directed the march to ease congestion. Some of them even chanted along with us.

There was a lot of chanting and running. I know I'm supposed to be all fired up and shit, but the sight of heavily clad girls in jubahs running while shouting Ya Salam, Ya Rabbi was so damn funny. Just imagine a hundred or so ustazah lookalikes running amok in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! Oh God, I couldn't stop laughing when they scurried like sheeps chanting "Hidup Islam, Hidup Palestin, Hancur Israel, Hancur Zionist."
There were two type of people who marched along with the memorandum bearer. The majority were university students who joined Islamic groups affiliated with PAS and a few of them were genuinely angry middle-eastern students.
No, I didn't feel like a fish out of water at all even though a number of students who joined the demonstration gladly pointed that out. One guy even had the guts to tell it to me in the face:

"Ada jugak orang Islam macam ko kat sini?"
"Hah? Macam apa?"
"Orang yang nama je Islam."

I ignored him of course. I was more concerned about dying Palestinians to entertain judgemental pricks. One sister even shouted at me to get out of her way with a courtesy "Oi Cina Babi, tepi!"

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Sabar Afiq sabar....

"Saya orang Islam lah sister. Nama saya Afiq Deen."
"Ah! Ada ke orang Islam muka macam kamu!!?"
"Kalau dekat China yang ada 22 juta orang Islam, muka akak lagi pelik."
"Nak masuk gambar? Saya letak dalam blog.
"Boleh jugak!"

So that's the Akak Babi, the one is shades.
Of all the weird things that happened today (ustazahs running, persian guy sitting on his moving car with no one driving), this one takes the cake:


Qaisy Jaslenda said...

Sometimes we just need to look at things wisely.

naahh... all the time I suppose.

sufi d sissy mafia said...

urghh.katekan babi kembali kepade akak babi itu.

i suppose all muslims shud be touched seeing some non-muslim face marching along wit us.

btw ko nye blog best. bt jz leave any political issue by itself, i think. perceptual accentuation is everywhere.


Ada jugak babi pakai tudung ye? Babi Islam kut...


8 (Al Anfaal):22. Sesungguhnya binatang yang seburuk-buruknya pada sisi Allah ialah; orang-orang yang pekak dan tuli yang tidak mengerti apa-apapun

1. Maybe some Scientists have the correct Idea that "orang" can be "binatang"

2. Malangnya kakak tu tak tahu bahawa seburuk-buruk "binatang" boleh jadi "orang"

3. "Orang (binatang)" yang pekak, tuli, yang tak mengerti apa-apa AS OPPOSED TO "Orang" yang ada telinga boleh dengar, ada mata boleh melhat ada hati boleh membezakan.

4. Ko patut kata kat dia seburuk-buruk Babi tu takleh makan jer.. seburuk-buruk Orang tu masuk neraka (go to hell I think would be the better expresson).

meorsoleh said...

Memang menyedihkan bile insan-insan yang bertudung litup itu, kurang "keislamannya" berbanding dengan mereka yang tidak bertudung litup, atau mereka yang digelar sebagai golongan "biasa-biasa"....

Mungkin kakak itu tidak tahu bahawa selain orang Islam, orang bukan Islam pun mengutuk jugak tindakan Israel. Malah, ade kumpulan orang Yahudi sendiri yang mengutuk tindakan Israel...

Jadi nak buat ape? Erm.... Bagitau la mereka... kot?

“Katakanlah (ya Muhammad) apakah sama orang-orang yang mengetahui (berilmu) dengan orang yang tidak mengetahui (jahil)?.”(Az-Zumar: 9)

Anonymous said...

bodoh gile akak tu

Anonymous said...

hahaha..damn funny! :D

Afiq Deen said...

You know what? I know for a fact that a tudung does not represent the wearer. It's a responsibility to cover our aurat just like how us guys have to cover our skin from navel to knees.

Adam Johnston said...

Hey ive been reading ur blog for a while and i do agree with the stuff u write.

anyway, i would feel the same way u felt in that protest too. i don't look the way a 'muslim' is stereotypically perceived in the eyes of the narrow-minded, and would face many 'judgmental pricks'. but then again, it's what in our hearts that matters most.

as much as i oppose the Israeli attacks on palestine, ive been noticing many people are just trying to make a big fuss and being rather self-centered about the whole issue. i read in a local paper that women in indonesia are ready to berjihad against the israelis with bamboo sticks. i mean, i wonder what they would do once in the 'shit'. No Action Talk Only.

regarding your statement on tudung, i couldnt agree with u more. it DOESNT reflect how the wearer really is (in most cases).

widaad said...

i went to the rapat umum selamatkan gaza at stadium malawati today thinking it would bring people from all walks of life to the rapat UMUM. turned out to be almost one dimensional. ustazah and ustaz looking. nothing against them but getting eye balled just coz ur less islamic looking isn't the point of the rally now is it? they always forget. maybe that's why some stay away. sad but true.

syahiransukardi said...

Afiq,ada masa jenguk album facebook aku.gambar rapat umum kat stadium malawati siang tadi

-Peace Palestine-

lubnaaa said...

Afiq, that kakak was blind. What she did to you was wrong and narrow-minded, and it shows one of the many dangers Muslims face, which is ignorance. I don't deny that.

But putting up her photo, naming her Akak Babi, it doesn't make it right. Sebab you membuka her aib, and you expose her to the ridicule of your readers.

Surely two wrongs don't make a right. I think you're perfectly capable of rising above the occasion. You can criticize her actions without identifying her.

Only a thought. Don't take offence ok.

Bubbly said...

Ada jugak yea yang beperangai macam tu? Oh my, meaning to say I need to wear tudung labuh la if I wanna show that I am real Muslim and berhak to join the demonstration?

So what if you look like a Chinese. And the way you answered her tu mmg betul Afiq.. How about Muslim Chinese? Pendeknya akal... And Oh my! She even called you babi?! It's really frustrating to know that Afiq.

Bubbly said...

oh Afiq. isnt my site.. Didnt expect it's a alcohol site.. hehe.

Afiq Deen said...

The Isrealis killed muslims, not Islam. Muslims are killing Islam.

Islamic looking? Hahaha! I don't think there is such a term. Islam is too universal to have a narrow range of physical representations. I dont think other muslims avoided the march because they feel that they don't belong. They just don't seem to care enough about other people's misery and suffering.

I know Lubna, it doesn't. Akak Babi is a cruel nickname, I know. I was, still,and will stay angry at people's display of ignorance. I just want tell others that we actually can rise above the occasion, with a sense oh humour and irony.

Well bubbly, I've been called worse by my mom. I'm like, immune. Hahaha.

Puteri said...

You went, afiq?

and im sorry for what happened to you with the akak.

i wonder, how do we encourage/support and push peace forward if such prejudices are so outspokenly uttered in such manner?


SleepingBeauty said...

"Kalau dekat China yang ada 22 juta orang Islam, muka akak lagi pelik."


That was a really smart reply. Kudos.

art said...

eh..adam johnston in da house..ha ha..anyway..2nd pic tu macam ramai2 nak gi tgk mazda rx8 yg baru launch je..ok topic..

moon said...

omg geram. How come the police were supportive here? Meanwhile in dataran Merdeka they were so unbelievable. The one in Dataran Merdeka were attended by plenty of non-muslims, chinese and indian included. But the police arrested some of us...

tak faham lah.

Afiq Deen said...

Sebab demonstrasi ni ada permit.

myadlan said...

aiya.. so narrow minded that girl.. tak tau la die demonstrasi for what.. maybe she just follow the rest..

kononnye very islamic at heart la these protester.. padahal..

Danny said...

"Face ignorance with wisdom"

Appreciate if you could spend sometimes to read as in the below URL

[danial][ma] said...

hej! afiq...i like the last pic..QUEER/FEMINIST BLOC's banner...hahahaa...if the demo people know what 'queer' is i think they will burn the banner instead...

Szakif said...

ok afiq. kalo aku ade dalam kasut ko, aku nak bagi penampar je sebijik kat minah tuh.

*aku emosy

islam bukan pada rupa la kak!

Afiq Deen said...

I thought so too.. Kalau la mereka tahu.. But most of them weren't fluent in english so thank god!

Haha Kif ko telah memelayukan phrase omputih. Pawalah. Bak kata Colonel sanders.. sedap hingga menjilat jari.

Szakif said...

muahhaa~ panggil aku "Kif".. :P

ok what~

apa kata lain kali kalo orang buat macam tu kat ko, ko balas plak, "eh melayu pemalas, ko diam!"


Lady RoRa said...

malu je pakai tudung tpi mulut cabul.

memalukan saya yang memakai tudung.

nasib tak pergi for that parade. kalau tak, aku pun sure kena kutuk kerana tak pakai tudung labuh.

siti said...

kakak o kakak,

kalau dia cina, dia bukan muslim?

kalau dia bukan muslim, dia tak boleh protest? it's about humanity.

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