Religion Fan Art

Fan Art basically means art by fan. It can be any type of art depicting a subject of adoration by respective fans. The most usual fan art available online are Bleach, Naruto and other popular animes/mangas.
There is also religion fan art, art that is to be enjoyed specifically by followers of religions. There are websites dedicated for specific kind of fan art to be appreciated by its members. It's like but only exclusive for religion followers. These is a sample I took from a Jewish fan art website:
Get the picture? It's basically a depiction of religion idols and saints. In Islam this is not allowed because visual depiction of saints, angels and other holy beings will encourage idol worshipping. Even with that in mind, I still enjoyed these fan arts. Like these ones I took from a christian fan art website:
I know right... those fan art are really cool, considering that these fan arts were made by individuals not driven by monetary return. The coolmometer is close to the time Legolas used an orc's shield to skate his way down the stairs in the epic fight between Saruman's army and Theoden's men.
We muslims have our own religion fan art website: Here are some best samples I took from there:

Astaga,.. bak kata orang Perancis "Vat zee ell?"
How can they live with themselves publishing 'Islamic' fan arts that are so crappy it could possibly tarnish the image of Islam?
It really really could. Even I'm convinced now that muslims who knows how to draw (which is a lot, mind you) are not dedicating even an infinitesimal time of theirs to contribute to Islamic fan art websites
I know there's a barrier between pious PAS muslims and liberal muslims in this country but that barrier is only imaginary. You guys fucking made it in your head. So go, go draw something nice and submit it to Go do it before people think all muslims draw with their feet.
Ya habibi ya maulana, tiada telur tak berguna.


Qaisy Jaslenda said...

"why can't be both?"

hahaha.. I get you afiq.

But I guess we just cannot simply compare the differences of the religions like that.

I believe Islam or any other religions has it own ways in defining 'art'.

check out these websites:

isn't it beautiful?

Afiq Deen said...

art is art!

it has no definition.

People define art for the purpose of cataloguing. But ask any real artist and they'll tell you that everything is art.

And i dont think religions can really impose art as a medium of translation.They can try. But no.

Art is how people express themselves to appreciate the intricacy of god's creations and everything that dwells within and around them.

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

So I misunderstood your post then ;-)