Should I or Should I Not?

My fitness regime/programme/routine is going great. I'm feeling healthy like a mad ox, thirsty like a hippo and lethargic like a sloath. I heard it's normal to feel this way because my body is currently re-adjusting itself to suit my new needs. I'm worried that I'm getting too buffed especially the bicep and shoulder region. I can feel that my t shirt sleeves are getting tighter. This is uncalled for. I don't want to look like arwah Chris Benoit. I'm more worried about tomorrow though.

A few weeks ago my cousin persuaded me to go clubbing with him, you know, to experience something new with him. And to put the cherry on top of a very attractive cheese cake, he said he was going to belanja the whole clubbing experience. So I'm practically in good hands. Trusted companion [check] free outing [check] no class [check]. But like any cheesecake with an artificial cherry on top, I will usually make sure that the cake is halal and the establishment that baked it is JAKIM certified. I'm having doubts so I made a list of reasons why I should or should not go clubbing.

Why I Should

To get new experience and to study an environment foreign to me.
To make new acquaintances and friends
To make a review of the whole clubbing experience and publish it in my blog.

Why I Shouldn't

Because the place is a solicitor of inappropriate interactions
Because clubs serves alcohol and nothing else
Because female clubbers usually adorn themselves skimpy and revealing outfits
Because it's from 10pm to 2am-4am
Because from past experience, UIA will call students who were caught clubbing to its legal unit for questioning.

My mother gave me her consent years ago to go clubbing. My father gave me tips on what to wear when going clubbing. My friends told me that I should if I haven't yet. In difficult moments like this, I'll ask the Mohd in me what to do. What would Prophet Muhammad do? I think he'll go clubbing only to preach about Islam like he did when he preached Islam to the people of Taif and we all know what happened to him.

I think it is foolish to perform solat Istiqarah to get my answers. Not only is it foolish, it's hypocritical of me to consider an obvious sin.

But being mere mortal and all, I'm still 50-50. Is it necessary that I lick the surface of this denominator of evil so I can forever repel it? Will it be a lesson or a beginning of a new culture? Should I go clubbing? Should I or should I not?


Anonymous said...

juz go..really, otherwise u'd be spending yr nights wondering what does clubbing feels like.

jgn minum2 n buat benda2 x senonoh dahla..

pls put in yr blog!!

farahrozhan said...

Play that game, you know? - where one asks another a question and the one being questioned is required to answer in a heartbeat. Most times, the first answer spewed is what you want.

But not necessarily what you need. :)

Kakak said...

Pegi je Afiq.. at least people cannot temberang you with their clubbing kelentong thingy! kan?


Go and get addicted OR
Go, get out of your system, and you're okay OR
Go, and get insaf-ed (as if- hehehehe).

Anonymous said...

would you have sex for the sake of experiencing it?

Anonymous said...

No.. once u step on it u'll never escape from it.

SleepingBeauty said...

I think you should go. Just once. To experience it. So that you know what really goes on.

So next time, when you have thoughts regarding the issue, you can voice out your opinion (good or bad) or even advice, and it'll be based on facts and experience, not just mere ideas of what you think is going on.

Although, qoute "To make new acquaintances and friends" - in a club, you sure? *LOL*

Have fun!! =)


Btw anonymous - Equating a clubbing trip with sex is an unfair comparison. I can say yes to clubbing and no to sex. Its not a yes-yes or no-no kind of situation.

Premarital sex is a big sin. Its clearly stated. Its an either or kind of situation, you do it - sin, you don't - no sin.

Experiencing clubbing (just once, in case of our dear friend Afiq), consists of a lot of components.

1) The niat itsef - for what? to know what really goes on so he can debate and preach better in the future? [I think that's good] OR he just wants to feast his eyes on/rub shoulders with less clothed women?

2) He doesn't need to drink. Not all clubbers drink.

3) Yes, if you go into detail, its not right being in a small place with loud music (yang menghayalkan) and being surrounded by women who make-up their face, hair and body with intentions of being seen and getting full attention from men. BUT, back to what I said - its just once for experience so he know what really goes on - I don't see anything wrong with that.

Honestly, to me, clubbing in general on a routine basis - I don't see the good/healthy point in that at all. Its not our culture, its not very religion freindly either. But experiencing something new (which is not completely a major sin - well depends on how you see it) and learning from it, could bring a lot of good. Don't you think?

Afiq Deen said...

a sin is a sin. sex is sex. clubbing is clubbing. both are sins. i might die tonight and i dont think a club is a fitting death bed.

i'm not going.

i got drunk before 'for the sake of experience' and i regretted what i did. I smoked 'for the sake of experience' and until today, i don't get the rationale of smoking. i learnt from these experiences that hangover is a bitch and coughing and puffing smoke is irritates my lungs, the very organ that keeps me alive.

Clubbing shouldn't be any different.

Instead, I'll be wathing a movie with close friends tonight and will probably hit a nearby kedai mamak and order ourselves tosey and teh tarik.

Good movie, good company, good food compared to sweaty strangers, no food and uncertain scenarios. C'mon lah right?

Anonymous said...

exactly. with tonnes of great things to experience in this life, why choose the bad ones?

both activities are not exactly worlds apart from each other. in fact, one could derived from the other.

what's unfair is to say all ppl that go to club are evil. what i'm trying to say is, if you went there, maybe you'll realized what's better for you in time. if you didn't, why bother.

SleepingBeauty said...

You got drunk for the sake of experience?!

Now that's just wrong.

Afiq Deen said...

yeah well, don't do what i did.

How is clubbing more sinful than drinking? Funnylah. Both are considered haram. Check the fatwa yo.

myadlan said...

wa afiq.. suddenly u sounds so pious..

if you afraid about the UIA admin will caught you, then you can go once you finish studying there.

but if you are afraid of God.. that's better right.. its taqwa la then..