Someone e-mailed me last night telling me that he had not use his ruler until he read my last entry. An anonymous e-mailed to express his concern over the length of his penis. Quote "Will girls leave me once they knows I have a small penis?"
I replied, telling him to watch Ayat-ayat Cinta

Sports cars and Armani leather jackets are chick magnets, true. Abnormal girth of a bulge over tight jeans will make them breathless. But none of these will make them swoon and have fuzzy feelings like the sight of a courteous, kind and concerned man. .

Branded polos or shoes will shout attention but the sight of a man helping an old nyoya crossing the road will overshine Dolce&Gabbana any day!

A true measure of a man is CKC (courtesy, kindness & concern) and not D&G, YSL or CK.


SleepingBeauty said...

Oh so true!

A man's kind nature, gentle soul and his courage and intelligence that sweep me off my feet ;)

(Everybody's talking about this book/movie. Hmmm... might have to read/watch it soon.)

hanyhany said...

plus a man who's overly concerned on how he looks is just not man enough

Qarl said...

ayat2 cinta sgt best!

Danny said...

I've watch this movie when I was in Senayan Complex in May.
so, yang jadi victim was my local friend -> he had to translate some of the sentences into English - too bad my Indon slang is not that good ';)

Anyway, for those who havent watch this movie
i would say "a must watch" and "worth it"

Afiq Deen said...


It's a "must watch" movie. Very very islamic. And very sedih jugak.

Lady RoRa said...

actually I'm waiting for afiq to comment about that movie.

Afiq Deen said...

it's a good movie. Go ahead and watch it.

: )

(I'm really bad when it comes to writing movie reviews.)

lubna said...

Strange. Only this morning I had a talk with my mum about how I measure a man. One of the ways is how he treats women. Not just any ONE woman specifically, but women in general. Does he offer pregnant women help, does he give the elderly his seat, does he stand up if you're standing, does he do all this consciously to display his chivalry or does it come as second nature, and on and on.

You got it right, Afiq, CKC's the way to go! :D

Afiq Deen said...


CKC rocks!

wynn said...

so true.
and since the movie came out, every girls dreamt of having their own Fahri ^_^