If I Were a Mutant...

I know deep inside everyone of you, there is a young geek reading comic books furiously at a well lit corner. Some made japanese mangas (translated to BM) like Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Slump, Doraemon and Captain Tsubasa a staple read and others who preferred english comic books like me read Marvel and DC comics. When I was younger, Marvel heroes weren't as complicated like they are now. Do didn't conspire against each other or contemplate suicide. They were at a stage that they just learnt about their special abilities and how to used them to fight in the name of justice. All is well until mutants bred like rabbits and in a decade, they had no choice but to kill old superheroes to make room for new upcoming ones.
And technology. Technology arrived at Marvel and being a mutant isn't as handy as it was when the only thing that can deter mutants were guns. Now there are nuclear reactor beams, high intensity laser guns and plastic SMGs to kill steel controlling mutants like Magneto.
My personal favourite was (and still is) Angel or Warren Worthington the Third. He is like a mutant DC's Batman. A rich priviledged brat who had to learn how to control his wings.

I wanted wings so bad when I was 8 or 9 that I secretly made wings from chicken coop steel wire and actual feathers I plucked out from bapak's 4 chickens before spraying them with white coloured aerosol spray. I kept my wings a secret because if Hadi and Saiful knew, they'll get their hands on them. I also bribed Bibik to not tell Umi or Bapak by supporting her white lies once in a while.

Now if I do what I did and construct angel wings, my roommates will probably send me to Tg. Rambutan. All I can do now is imagine.

With the power of my very lapuk laptop, I attempted to make myself a mutant, with wings!

Throw in a pinch of obsession and a few minutes of free time

Behold, a comical Afiq with a pair of uber cool wings.

If you can't get a girl, get her sister. If you are impotent, buy a Ferrari. If you can't grow wings, photoshop them!


SleepingBeauty said...

Oh my! I love the image! I love the wings!

Although I love the wings on Victoria Secret's angels more ;p
Now THAT is hot!

I want a pair of wings too. hmmm.

shamel said...

did u intentionally misspell mutant to muntant or wut?
ooh..the childsih side of you.haha.
the only comic that I read was Mutiara Naga. It's cool man~

Heiy..the wings are so real. Where can I but them?

Afiq Deen said...


Liking comic books is not childish. It's a passion.

Ah Rahsia Cik Victoria... I like their wings too, especially the ones Karolina Karkova wore in VS 2007. The diamond studded wings.