Perasan is a state of mind when one thinks too highly of oneself. Santan is coconut milk that can cause stroke and heart attack in the long run when consumed without due control.

Perasantan is a state of mind that inhibits ambitions and goals by exuding them in forms of expression for the sake of acknowledgement.

Perasantan in front of a full length mirror is good motivation after I do my exercises and weight lifting. No matter how chubby I've become, after a good workout session I'll go "You're the man, who's the man? You're the man." No harm done. No one's listening anyway. I will only come across as vain only when people can see my vanity in action with their own eyes.

I sure have my non-physical perasantan moments but nowadays, I'm more aware of my surrounding to think too much of myself. And when I do overindulge in my perasantan moments, I'll make sure I do it with my best friends. Because true friends stab you in the front- Oscar Wilde. They will either condemn me for having ridiculous grandiouse thoughts of myself or support my personal notions that they feel are real and pure.

Yesterday I had one of my perasantan moments and blurted out "Suhail, apa ko rasa kalau aku kata kat ko yang aku nak jadi director filem yang tersohor?"

Suhail smiled and dengan selambanya berkata "Aku sokong! Haaa... nanti dah kaya jangan lupa aku pulak."

That's a good sign, no?


Qarl said...


based on ur vids... i think u can dude!!!

wanna be a cameo in ur movie?

can i?

myadlan said...

of course la. its true what. sometimes when we've become a famous person, then we tend to forget our friends. but i hope you don't la dude..

syahiransukardi said...

the ans is in u.aku doakan dari jauh ok ;)

Afiq Deen said...

tapi bukan terus jd la director filem lah.. mungkin start buat music vid, ads etc before making an actual movie

Afiq Deen said...

those old videos are amatuer work lah. wait till you watch my new one!

Danny said...

go for it....