Mai Secawan!

I'm doing a three minutes documentary on Malaysians' definition of democracy. What I'll do is I'll be walking around KL and will pass around a mug with a caption Demokrasi to unexpected bystanders. I want people of various walks of life to participate in the shooting including politicians, the elderly, hippy samaritans, indie junkies, sophisticated mamas, politically correct Hafidzes and idealistic uni/college undergrads. And also mamaks, chitties, babas and sikhs. Scums and puritans alike. In BM, BI, Mandarin, Tamil, Dusun, Etc.
So again, I'm relying on favours.
I need your help to make this short documentary a success. I can't afford to pay you guys for giving your definition of democracy but I'll give out free Demokrasi mugs though. Surely that's something. (sniggers to cover desperation)
If you're interested, text me (016 -289 9681). Just remember when you do text, that I'm not gay and I cannot be solicited for sex. This virgin just wants to win a trip to Washinton.


hmmmm said...

when's the deadline?

hanyhany said...

secawan demokrasi's a really good title. good luck w it!

Qarl said...

secawan is not enough la

Afiq Deen said...

around december.

cukup. secawan sudah cukup.


Unquotable quotes:

"All of these black people are screwing up my democracy"
=Ian Smith, Rhodesian Prime Minister=

"Democracy is more important than having a parliament"
=Dr Peter Onu, Asst Sec Gen of the Organisation of African Unity=

"I can't beieve that we're going to let a majority of people decide what is best for this state"
=Louisiana Rep John Travis=

"We're the most democratic country in Latin America"
=Fidel Castro, Cuban President=

"I intend to open the country up to democracy, and anyone who is against that I will jail, I will crush"
= Brazilian President Joao Figueredo=

From "The Ruling Asses", Stephen Robins, Prion Books, 2005. (ISBN 1-85375-572-9)

Danny said...

all d best...

Diran said...

thats nicely put afiq..bytheway, y r u so touchy bout gay?...many people contacted you to solicit sex or something?..haha..thats funny


adam k. said...

i'd be happy to help you out. what do you need?

Afiq Deen said...

Hey thanks for offering! I need volunteers who are willing to give their persona definition of democracy.

Simple je.