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I want to make movie like these one day. Movies that are real but have strong commercial value in them. Profitable and enlightening.

I learnt recently that my whole family reads this blog. This is a problem. I'm not comfortable of them knowing what I'm up to and what I'm capable of writing.


farahrozhan said...

But you're toying with the notion of publishing selected blog posts? ._____.

Afiq Deen said...

selected works. entries that are suitable for everyone including my grandmother. : )

this blog is intended for us teenagers and not parents. Especially not mine!


Then tell them that nothing in a Blog is as it seems. Your Blog is not you and you are not your Blog. Unless you have forgotten this cardnal rule (vis you can choose any persona to be Afiq Deen on the Blog).

Ten things bloggers wish their readers know about them. Posted on 09:04, April 15th, 2008 by (Blog friend of mine) Lilian at

* Bloggers don’t give a rat-ass what their readers think of their blogs.
* Bloggers are always right eventhough they lie all the time.
* Bloggers only blog when they feel like it.
* Sometimes money comes first before pleasing their readers who read for free.
* Bloggers don’t take kindly on being told what to write.
* Bloggers are not living in the same world as them.
* Money bloggers earn does not come from their readers but strangers who come by through the search engines.
* Bloggers are not their community service board.
* Different bloggers blog for different reasons, so don’t make wrong assumptions. Some may dig and welcome your comments, some hope people will talk less and think more.
* Bloggers are not the blog and the blog is not the bloggers. And if you cannot understand this phrase, please go sit in a corner and ponder.

Any more rants you want to say to your readers but were too afraid to tell it straight to their faces?


Unless you that transparent-lah... hehehe ;p

Afiq Deen said...

well that puts bloggers in a state of denial. Bloggers actually DO write about themselves but in a perspective that pleases them or their ideal personification of their character.

myadlan said...

that's what blog are meant for. its for you to share with anyone all over the world.

i believe that what you blog is what you think. your family will have to respect your opinion.

btw its fun when we have our family support, chatting about your blog my blog during dinner.. kewl what?