15 Things

I was tagged. Dumdumdum. Via e-mail lagi.

1. My fav band is Jonas Brothers, Busted and Linkin Park.

2. I listen to Morning Has Broken by Cat Steven every morning.

3. I will carry a book everywhere I go (just in case lah)

4. I only read TheStar

5. I have a crush on Haikal like forever. He knows this and is okay with it.

6. Not everybody knows that we are actually just good friends.

7. I've been wearing braces since I was 17.

8. I rent 6 CDs from Ezy Video every week.

9. I have 5 ex-girlfriends.

10. My favourite dessert is Tapai with vanilla ice cream

11. I like, no, love curry.

12. I'm

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