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Sheesh. I was tagged several, totttt, a few dozens, totttt. Okay, close to a hundred times before. Teng teng teng. But I never answer any of them. I think it's a tad superficial to answer questions that you have the power to choose. It's self-reflective in nature and can be considered syok sendiri to other readers.

Today is a new day. A sober, slow and uneventful Sunday and I want to keep it that way. Alas,

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

(Hehe, already this survey is making me perasan. Forgive me, I'm a virgin at this, or any other nature that relates to the intrusion of the threshold. Ah fuck, here it goes..)

1. I like to examine myself in the mirror, like all the time. When any part of me goes past a mirror, I will somehow felt that it is incumbent to execute a thorough investigation. Not many notice this strange display of narcisism. Even a reflective pool of water will get me to stand still and.... observe. God, I know I'm not good looking but hey, I never believed the standards imposed to be considered beautiful. We ugly people share this train of thoughts.

2. I zone out a lot. And I mean a lot! Tengah makan, zone out. Main game, zone out. Tengah driving, zone out. Sembang sembang, zone out. The only time I find hard to zone out is when I attempt to sleep. So what I usually do to get myself aloft to the spirit world is by listening to movie conversations. Woody Allen flicks usually does the trick. A lot of talking and less argh argh, keboooom and Oh Tom!

3. My hair is naturally kembang. Serious natural. It gets uncontrallable at times but it makes me... well, me. I used clay to make sure the kembang look can be control to a certain extent.


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