My First Documentary

Remember the time I did my heritage study trip in Kedah?

The time I fell from the first floor to the ground through the ceiling?

Unnecessary but effective recap. ; )

Good times. Well, here is the shortened 15 minutes documentary. Suhail the group leader forbade me from uploading it but I firmly believe in the freedom of knowledge. People shouldn't pay for something like this, especially when the heritage study is a compulsary course work. Bare in mind that we are all architecture students and not film students so the quality of the documentary should be put aside.

I shot and directed the first half, the brief history and introduction of Kedah and the palace:

Imran shot and directed the second half, the architecture aspect of the heritage study. The 3D rendering is a group effort and was headed by Suhail Azlan the 3D MAX jedi master.

I was also the editor and music & sound director. This video is the only documentary of a legendary but forgotten heritage building in the world, the palace of Sultan Abdul Hamid's first wife, Che Sepahchendra. It should also be noted that Puteri narrated the documentary and did a superb job too.


Enjoy. : D


♥ zoe ana ♥ said...

i think the narrator's damn good.

Dammit said...

cool gila. you guys did a very good job!