The Unmentioned Killer

Seronok tengok dier makan ek....

I get that a lot in kenduris. Come on la makcik, I know for sure that you actually wanted to say "Jelesnye aku tengok ko makan 3 pinggan tak risau-risau."

It's a weekend of kenduris, from Kenduri Kahwin to Kenduri Arwah. Happy or sad, we gotta get ourself a chunk load of food! Food mediates extremes. It somehow moderate happiness and cut short sadness. It is a language understood by all, okay not all, with the exception of bullimics. And you know how kenduri hosts tend to boast their status by making their food extremely high in cholestrol. It seems like cholestrol is the currency for kenduris, the higher the content, the better the reception. Imagine a kenduri with low-fat rendang, curry with soy milk alternative and lots and lots of veggies.... Sayur? That category of food is oblivious in kenduri menus. More than one serving of veggies will invite raised eyebrows. "Tak cukup budget ke Mak Jah kiter buat banyak banyak lauk sayur ni..."

And when studies shows that cholestrol kills more people than road accidents, Mak Jah kita buat-buat terkejut.

Death rates caused by cigarettes do not even come close to deaths caused by santan and minyak in Malaysia. And yet the government think it is only suitable to advertize the danger of smoking. Why not making a Taknak ad about excessive use of santan and oil. (imagine a bowl of curry with an emboldened red cross)

Orangputeh mesti tertanya-tanya... "George, what is it with Malaysians and their fascination with crosses. I see crosses everywhere on the roads, on flags, on the telly and on curries? I love curry. Malaysia bagus... Malaysia buleh!

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maddieness said...

way to prove a point! they really should you know. our food is like an express ticket to clogged arteries and diabesity. it's horrific.