You Tengah Bace Blog?

We malays like to do some friendship bolt tightening by means of friendly obvious questions. Like how we will ask a friend who is on his way home "Balik rumah?"

"Tak tak tak, rumah aku dah direlocatedkan ke office and vice versa so sekarang ni pergi balik office la ni."

That's what we usually call Loya Buruk.

According to Wikipedia,
Loya means grand assembly. Buruk means downtrodden or old. So I am a frequent old grand assembly. Booyah!

"Afiq tgh buat model?"
"Tak tak tak, tgh main Lego."

"Sibok nampak."
"Tak siboklah, tak nampak ke aku tengah bersantai ni?"

And the paling tak tahan:

"Minum milo ais?"
I'll usually check the content of the plastic first before any dose of unintended sarcasm. "Tak nampak ke? Sirap limau ais ni..."

Wouldn't a simple, hey.. apa khabar suffice? Or assalamualaikum without the extra kopi kapal api's 'Ain? Is it so hard to greet friends casually without having to appear dumb, stupid or both?

And my personal favourite obvious question:

"Tengah blog?"
"Tak tak tak, tgh mengkaji ekonomi dunia online."


missnadira said...

you tgh bace blog?
tak tak tak, i tgh bace Quran..

haha.. i wish i have your sense of humor Afiq..=)=)

Anonymous said...

that's the thing about you. U like cannot be funny in real life but if you blog or write or chat online, you're like a pro comedy show writer or somethin'.

Ur blog had me laughing, crying and farting. Sometimes all three at the same time. I just hope u never stop blogging so like we can grow up together as readers and bloggers.

-Andrea C-

azz said...



awak tengah "ranting" ker? wakakaka!


awak tengah "ranting" ker? wakakaka!