Piece of Crap

I tried on one of those fancy future reading weighing machine yesterday.

"I am calculating your weight...." said the machine

"Stand still. I am calculating your height...." it said again.

"You are 68 kilogram and 173 cm. Congratulation! You will be O K."


What the dodol? I'm OK? That's all? I gave you 1 ringgit and all you can read about my future is that I'll do OK. OK in what?

The machine didn't respond to my enquiry. It repeated the same crap: "Insert 1 dollar to know more about your future.."

Aish... what is this????

Let it be known that all weighing machines are of chinese heritage.


missnadira said...

hahaha..maybe if you weigh 90kilo and 150 cm it'll say "sorry u're not okay"

Miss Aida said...


A machine that tells you your weight AND your future!

You're into something there, surely you are.

Anonymous said...

well, miss aida just praised the "chinese" machine.

honestly, u don like people condemning your religion and race. y do the same?

afiq said...

shut up and drive!